Toyota 4.7 ,Whats best?

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Feb 21, 2003
I have been hanging out in this Meca of Too Much info [Big Grin] And I am questioning the use of Mobil DC in a OHC city driven short trip [email protected] also use Castrol in a Camry.Which had 3k changes and is getting ARX right [email protected] Mobil DC seems to get knocked here.I am worried about shearing and Viscosity.I go 3k changes because the oil looks like its done. Which oil would be best?And please explain. Would Delvac be a good shear stable/cleaner choice?Is it good for gasser engines? Was it ok to use Mobil 1 just for one change during winter and go back to dino? My driving habits might change but please comment on the info provided. Also I can't see using analysis,that would pay an oil change.Thanks for any insight. RichR
Mobil Delvac 1 is there best oil for cleaning, shear stability and long drains. You can use it in gas engines as many on here recommend as well as Mobil themselves. It is probably there best oil. If you can find it, I would use that in the 4.7l engine. Mobil 1 line you could also consider and go 6k miles (more after analysis). But for longer drains, I'd go with D1. I'm not quite sure how long this oil can go in a gas engine though. Someone else will have to comment on that. It takes some time to really figure out what oil to stick with. [Smile] [ March 19, 2003, 08:19 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
In my Toyota 4.7, I'm using Schaeffer #703 10W-30. I'd feel good with any of the better 10W-30 oils...Chevron, Mobil Drive Clean, Pennzoil, Castrol GTX. If I was driving in a hot summer climate and carrying or towing a heavy load, I'd consider an API-SL rated 15W-40...Mobil Delvac 1300S, Chevron Delo 400, Schaeffer #700, Pennzoil. B.P. (parent company of Castrol) recommends 5W-40 oil for our 2UZ-FE 4.7L V8 engine in chilly U.K., and 15W-50 or 5W-40 in sunny Australia. Valvoline recommends 20W-50 in Australia. For winter, any of the above good oils in a 5W-30 should be fine, and nobody has ever seen a problem using synthetic oil and switching back to conventional oil. I know what Toyota says, but nobody knows why they say that. You ask about a shear stable oil. Look for an oil with a high "High Temperature/High Shear" rating. You'll find these either as an ACEA A3 rating oil, or a heavy diesel lube oil. Schaeffer oils are A3, as are Mobil 1 0W-40. Ken
Also delo 400 and probably other heavy duty fleet oils are available in quarts from oil distributors usually they are listed in the yellow pages.
Rich, I notice you are up in Chicago ...I'd run a 0w-30 or 5w-30 synthetic in this engine, with at least a 7500 mile/6 month oil/filter change interval. Mobil 1 seems to work well in these toyota engines.... TS
TooSlick, Last winter I used M1 10w30 for about 4500 miles and 3 1/2 months.I "looked "pretty grey at change out.I might have gone longer but I do a lot of short trips. Paranoia and worry of acid build up and OHC oil shearing got me.I had no cold start issues with 10/30,I was worried 5/30 wouldn't stay in spec.I changed the filter at 2k because thats about the time my oils start to look darkened.I know look isn't good data.I'm looking for the best shear stable anti sludge oil I can get. Thanks Rich [ March 20, 2003, 02:30 AM: Message edited by: RichR ]
Steve S, your local Walmart up carries lots of diesel oils in both 1 quart bottles and 5 gallon jugs and both dino versions and synthetic versions. Example: Shell Rotella 5W-40 synthetic is $19 for a 5 gallon jug (about $3.80 a quart)
The Toyota 4.7 seems to be particularly hard on oil. See the UOA on it. It will wear out Amsoil 0w30 fairly quickly. I don't remember seeing any UOA using dino oil in this engine.
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