Toyo winter tires

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Oct 4, 2005
Corunna, Ontario, Canada
Hi folks. I'm looking at getting a set of Toyo Open Country GO-2+ winter tires. They are available and can be had right away, and they are all I can get at this late date! I know Toyo makes good tires, but I haven't heard or read any user's reviews about these. Anyone out there using them? I'd like to know your experiences with them. Thanks!
For what its worth (and of course anyone selling something praises the product), here's what "Toyo Canada" says about the tire: I've run snow tires since the early 60's. I know nothing about this tire, but I like the looks of it. Notice the numerous sipes in each traction lug. Sipes are key to any snow tire's traction and the more sipes the better. I also like the tread design of the tire. Another key to a snow tire's traction is the soft compound that ALL snow tires are made of. Because of the soft compound, they grip the ice and hardpacked snow better than any other type of tire, all of which are made of harder compounds. The trade-off is that snow tires wear out faster, because of the soft compound that they're made of. So you've already got at least two keys to a good snow tire going for you: soft compound and lots of sipes. I'm surprised that you say that these Toyo's are all you can get. Why's that? They must sell numerous brands of snow tires all over in Canada. Do you live in something like a one store small village 100 miles from a decent sized town? You could always try a Google search for: toyo open country go-2 tires review
Hi jmacmaster. The reason these are all I could get is that I didn't start trying to get any until Christmas. And that is because I drive an Aviator with 17" wheels, so it took that long to find some rims for winter use at a good price. No one makes plain steel wheels in the 17" size for this vehicle, not that I could find anyway, and I looked everywhere. Lot's fancy expensive wheels, but no plain cheap steel ones. I eventually found a set of used stock wheels on ebay, cheap but not until late. No use buying tires with no wheels! Around here we can get any brand you want, but the winter tires were all sold out by the time I went shopping. I was lucky to get the Toyos. And the wheels. We live in a good sized town, lots of stores and choices, but you got to be early to get snows around here. I looked for reviews, but there weren't any on this particular tire, from the online tire stores. Must be too new. Had them for Toyo's other snow tires, so I went by those since they were good. I think I'll write a review myself. Thanks for the help. To see my town look at Detroit on a map, head north about 50 miles and cross the river to the right, and there we are!
old farmer: A good friend of mine, Joe Glass, is from Sarnia. He is an original (Canadian) member of the U.S. Army's First Special Forces Group (which was the beginning of the U.S. Army's Green Berets), which was formed and trained in Helena, Montana, early in WWII. After the war he returned to Helena, married a local girl, and still lives in Helena.
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