Towing an AWD vehicle?

May 7, 2018
Northern KY
I was behind a Copart truck on the interstate yesterday. There were two thoroughly smashed cars in the carrier slots and a latish model Subaru Outback being pulled behind with the front off the road but the rear wheels rolling. I thought all Subarus are AWD and I thought you couldn’t tow an AWD vehicle with any of the wheels on the road?

This particular vehicle had a mildly smashed front end but the rear looked fine. Is there a switch you can flip so you can tow an Outback, or was I possibly looking at a vehicle with a transmission that was already destroyed? Just curious.
Im not sure about the outback but i believe there are some base model subarus with front wheel drive only.
You can only tow manuals Subarus with 4 wheels on the ground or automatic with 4 wheels OFF the ground.

Given they were smashed they don’t care much about driveline.
Some Subarus have a fuse that can be pulled to disable the awd system for towing. I'm not sure on any other details though
All 4 wheels must be on the ground or off the ground. One the ground-slow and short distances. Subarus no longer have the fuse disabling the rear wheels. But that works only if the vehicle is energized anyways.