Tough Brake Job - Acura TL SH-AWD

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I'm barely able to move at this point because my lower back is so sore from crouching down all day wrestling lug nuts, caliper bolts, rotors, etc. In hindsight I feel really good about pulling it off with the obstacles and giving the car some TLC it would not have received at the dealership.

You done good. I did the front brakes on my Honda a few weeks ago, used the same M8 bolt thing, only my rotors didn't crack, but yes it did take the rotor off like a breeze, loved that they put the threads for that. Also yes, when I woke up the next day, my whole lower body was so sore I could barely sit or stand. It was due to an hour or more of me sitting on cardboard on a concrete street. I also [censored] out blood for the next day, probably due to hemmorhoids. I sit on a foam cushion now when I do work on the car, to avoid wrecking my lower body.

Second side is always quicker and easier. I've experienced that so many times, you just get a hang for it and learn how to do things quicker and waste less time if you do one side.
Thanks, guys.

I really think if they got this car on the lift they would not have resurfaced the rotors after getting a good look at their condition. She asked me about the diff. fluid (because the dealer told her to change it) and I told her yes at 75k miles it is definitely time to change it. She said she'd have the dealer do it but I told her I could do it, just not when it's so cold outside. The J37 in my MDX is now using more oil (had a real scare with the oil level a few months ago). Just have to keep an eye on it.

NoNameJoe, I'm glad your brake swap went relatively smoothly despite the after-effects!
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You put the screws back in!?

OP must like being challenged lol. No anti seize mentioned for the hubs as well.

It's not my car so I didn't want to leave the screws out. I did put anti-seize on them, though (but not the hub since the rotor hats are painted). On my S2000 I don't use them because they're even more annoying when you have to change rotors 1-2x/year.
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Best way to remove a stuck rotor!....

Nice vid. At first I thought it was going in a different direction but that was a clever idea.
I never wash them either. They get washed when it rains in the spring. I'm in salty New England and have never had much if any rust on a 4 year old car.
I don't wash my car all winter.
$425 is not that high considering you spent 8 hours on it. BUT!!! what are the chances they would come out there with the rusted calipers and tell her she needed new ones?
At $300 each + labor. Then tell her the brake fluid is horrible and needs changing for an additional $49.95?

I don't think a job like you did would cost that much they would have taken her to the cleaners.

you probably saved her 600+ on that deal.
Right. I just checked and Acura says the rotors should cost $135/ea. Then add $89 for the fluid change. No way she would've gotten out under $750.
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