Toto toilets?

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I think you probably would be happy with the American Standard Champion 4 or Kohler Cimmeron which cost about the same as the Toto Drake and can be found at HD (or at least ordered there). But yes all are considerably better than the average 100 dollar toilet from a big box store. When we moved in we replaced the builder grade toilets with Kohler and American standard and the difference is huge (if you have kids, maybe it doesn't matter for normal people) even though we went from 1.6 to 1.28 gallons per flush.
High volume flush toilets are a commonly smuggled item from the GWN.
What's the matter with the ones at Home Depot and Lowes?
Driving there in the middle of the night is a real inconvenience.
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I bought a Kohler Cimmeron from Home Depot several years ago. Excellent unit. It has a duel flush feature also. Got a sale flier from HD the other day, that unit is on sale for under $200. The American Standard Champion is a few $$ less. I recommend the Kohler. Wayne
We have 3 Toto toilets, but they're 1.6 GPF. They seem to work well, never had any problems with them. They were in the house when we bought it, I assume they're was built in 2004.
When I built my house my buddy (plumber and best friend) recommended I spend a little more for Toto. 10th year in the house and all is well. They have done what they are suppose to do. 4 kids from 2yr old to 12.
I have a Toto & an American Standard Champion 4. The Toto frequently requires a plunger & after around 2-3 years requires holding flush lever down till bowl empties, otherwise it leaks continuously from tank. The American Standard Champion 4 very rarely needs a plunger, otherwise no problems.
Toto is awesome. Also, what is really amazing is that many of them are made in the USA. Anyway, one reason I like them is because it seems the big box stores get brand name toilets that just barely pass a test of the dimensions. This includes ones that cost $200 or more. I got a Mansfield Cascade elongated ADA height 1.28 for $200 at a local plumbing shop. At the time, mom couldn't afford anything more, but the Mansfield Cascade works well enough. It is put together precisely. I also heard that the Gerber Viper and Avalanche 1.28 are a great value and found only at plumbing shops... But I got the Mansfield for less money.
What's the difference between a regular toilet? Do you make really big [censored]? My builders toilet seems to work fine for me and I take fairly large [censored].
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What's the difference between a regular toilet? Do you make really big [censored]? My builders toilet seems to work fine for me and I take fairly large [censored].
When was your generic builder toilet made? Old toilets that used 3.5 Gallons of water or more were often perfect. However, during the 1990s, a law required toilets to use 1.6 gallons of water or less. Many of those toilets were absolutely awful. Even many higher end 1.6 gallon toilets were awful, as well. Not all 3.5+ Gallon toilets were great either. My mom's old house had ones that were as bad or worse than many early 1.6 gallon toilets. Since I am not like Randy Marsh, I can't really say exactly how well a toilet works.
Back when I was doing plumbing, my buddy and I had a job at a church that was doing a bathroom renovation. The one toilet was a Toto that was only a few years old. We asked them what their plans were for the uninstalled fixtures and they said they were going to throw them out. We saved them some dollars and took the Toto with us- straight to my house. I had a HORRIBLE American Standard one piece unit that couldn't even flush a ball of lint if it had to. It leaked incessantly and was very bad with water usage. I tossed that one out on the back porch, sledgehammered it to tiny bits, and then installed the Toto in its place. 5 years later the Toto is still working perfectly and has required very little maintenance!
I want to import a Japanese toilet. Why you ask? THEY HAVE HEATED TOILET SEATS. WHY DO WE NOT HAVE THIS YET!? Some even play music or white noise.
It's a brand new house (6 months old), so i doubt they're older than 1 year. They're not the low flow variety (with two flush modes).
I'll quote my best friend, "perhaps you need more fiber in your diet." I have a 1996 built house. This was when the 1.6 gallon flush toilets were initially being required. The ones that came with the house should have had plungers attached as standard equipment. I installed a Sloan Flushmate equipped toilet in 2002. It is loud, but it NEVER clogs - and I mean NEVER. My plunger gathers dust. I know there are newer technologies that do it well with gravity, but I am still quite fond of my "Flushinator."
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Not a fan of big box stores.Have a kohler I bought from home depot 4 years ago and all I do is plunge the thing.
I was in the same boat. I was unclogging toilets a couple times a day. I installed a Champion Max 4 1.28gpf a couple months ago. I'm not sure its possible to clog this thing. I wouldn't be surprised if it could flush an entire roll of TP.
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In need of a new toilet.Not happy with home depot or loews toilets.Thinking about going with a Toto toilet with the cyclone flush 1.28 gallons.Any feedback?
Yes! YES! YESSSS!!! Indeed, I am in love with my Toto toilets. After moving into my current house a few years ago, I found the builder-grade toilets to be sub-par. We had clogs constantly. I did my research and got a Toto Ultramax II for the main restroom and a Drake II for the secondary. Both are ADA-height with Sana-gloss and elongated bowls. Holy schlimola. Amazing toilets, the best I've ever used. VERY comfortable to sit on and the suck down everything. EV. ERY. THING. Don't give anyone a swirlie with a Toto, you'll take their head off! We've removed the plungers from the bathrooms as they started to gather dust. We don't need them anymore. Some relevant reading:
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