Torco oil

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Mar 5, 2003
I have never seen it mentioned here, but another racing oil in addition to Redline was Torco. I don't know if it is still made or not, but Torco at one time was common on race tracks along with Redline. There were also Torco oils available for ordinary cars and trucks.
sprintman, it looks to me that Torco probably runs second behind Redline. For racing, depending on what level of racing it is, people are probably using Redline, Amsoil, Mobil 1, Schaeffer's Oil, or even oils formulated just for that event. At some Indy and Cart races I heard that they were using AGRIP (don't know if I spelled it correctly), an Italian 10W-60 synthetic racing oil. My next oil change, I am giving Schaeffer's Oil a try. I don't know if it is available to you in your country or not. The way people at this web site talk about it, I figure Schaeffer's Oil has to be good.
Well, one of these days, we might run across someone that does exporting to down under. All we need is a distributor down under that has a north american exporter connection and it could be a done deal.
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