Torco 5/30 severe cold start noise

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Nov 25, 2003
The Tropics of Antartica
I'm a bit dissapointed with this oil " Torco 5/30 " that I'm using for the first time. This AM at sub 15f the motor noise was just not acceptable for me during fire up . It was the pistons not the lifters . " Miata engines use spray bars to lube the wrist pin and cool the pistons "

I started noticing more noise than usual when the morning temps got around 30f over the Mobil 10/30 SS I used in the past but was amazed at the difference another 15-20f lower ambient temp made .

Other than this the oil seemed to do quite well at higher temps other than fuel mileage was down a bit .

I think it's probably a good oil especially for warmer climates and their advertising suggests it's a narrow focus performance oil which I knew I might be in for trouble when cold weather hit. I just could not imagine what noise I might have heard if the 10/30 Torco with even less cold weather capabiltities had been in the Miata engine this AM .

Later today I'll drain it and try again when summer rolls around .

Just my observations based on previous oils I've used in this motor .

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I don't have anything technical to add here other than to say I'm surprised to hear it was warmer out here this morning in Toronto than it was in Texas! It was 27F this morning when I started my car, I still had the block heater plugged in though, just like I've done every morning since about late October (so I can make sure I get the least possible engine wear over the cold months)
Consistent low temperatures require a heater regardless of oil used.
Also, don't rule out the filter. It could be draining overnight.

I haven't seen a VOA on the Torco oils.

Are you using the sr1, or sr5 oil?
What brand/PN filter?
Mileage/year of vehicle?
Yea I know what you mean, I heard a little bit of noise out of my Honda for the first time this morning when I accelerated out of the driveway. I think I may have to let it warm up for about 30 seconds first when it is this cold it got down to 20F here this morning and I'm using Pennzoil 5W-20
I was getting a little bit of cold start lifter tap in the mornings when it was 40 and colder. I was using Super Tech 10W-40. I changed to 5W-30 and cold start noise is non existant now.
Here's the typical analysis of the Torco 5/30 SR-1

VI @ 40c 62.18
VI@100c 11.16
VI Index 174
Pour Point -37c
CCS -30c 1950

The CCS value is way off of what I'm used to seeing when comparing to other oils ?

Here's the 10/30 SR-1 , it looks more like a mono grade at the PP but cranks like a conventional 10/30.The synthetic characteristics stand out here in that regard .

VI @ 40c 82.64
VI @ 100c 12.27
VI Index 144
Pour Point -18c
CCS -25c 6703

While I'm at it here is the 5/20 SR-1

VI @ 40c 40.88
VI @ 100c 7.31
VI Index 144
Pour Point -20c
CCS @ -30c 4666

10/40 Torco SR-1

VI @ 40c 88.58
VI @ 100c 14.31
VI Index 168
Pour Point -21c
CCS 3263 -25c

20/50 Torco SR-1
VI @ 40c 126.86
VI @ 100c 18.88
VI Index 193
Pour Point -23c
CCS 4436 @ -15c

These are good oils in my opinion but performance oriented in terms of severe cold weather use .

I'll give it the acid test come spring and send in this near purple colored oil sample to see how it did before the weather crashed me . I could have parked the car with the oil in it obviously and drove on warmer days .. but I did'nt
Maybe you could try a simple "freezer" test with the Torco. Freeze the suspect Torco and some other 5w-30 and compare how thick they are.
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