Top1oil..... Any good?

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Jun 26, 2014
Kingston, Jamaica
Howdy all.. Has anyone here used oil made by the Top 1 oil products company? They are based in California and seem to produce a wide range of products. Been around since the early seventies too from what i read on their web page. However what I found strange is the scarcity of info and reviews on the oils that they sell. They seem to export a lot to Asian countries from what i could find. Web addy is: Anyhow, I purchased 4qts of their "HP Plus 10W-40 Synthetic blend oil with VX12", (Got a great price) and want to use it at my next oil change (Engine is a built Nissan SR20VE). I normally run Castrol Syntec 5W-50 (SM rated, I had the stuff by the gallon, finished now). I noticed that the HP Plus oil is also SM rated, and that was a factor in my decision.
So.... Thoughts on this oil? Opinions? any VOA's? Link to the product below.

BTW this oil feels VERY Slippery between the fingers, and is hard to wash off.. Smells like mint too!
HP Plus products are API licensed Engine Oils.

HP Plus meets and exceeds OEMs warranty requirements.

Seems to be quality products to me.
Ok, looking good..... has any one here actually used or heard of this particular oil before? I notice that the TBN is only 6.8, but thats not really an issue as I don't plan on keeping it in there longer than 4000 miles OCI. the car is daily driven, mix of short and long trips too. can't say its driven gently though!
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