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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
i've been searching lots of old threads trying to learn the top dino oils you can buy off the shelf. so far ive found out Chevron Supreme is really good and Castrol GTX is also a good brand, correct me if im wrong. I have always been a Valvoline user but maybe its time to switch. I was suprised to hear people recommending Penzoil. all of the car boards i'm part of i had always heard people say poor things about the brand and im still weary of it. but back to the point, what other brands do you guys recommend excluding chevron supereme and castrol gtx
From the UOA's posted here.........chevron supreme, castrol GTX, and Pennzoil are the only conventionals in the running for best dino honors. [ August 13, 2003, 09:41 PM: Message edited by: sbc350gearhead ]
windnse00, You gotta watch this'll sometimes change your mind about some long held ideas [Big Grin] I went through the "Valvoline to Pennzoil transformation." I grant a high level of credibility to the gang that hangs out here and I will tell you they usually say the things that are backed up by used oil analysis reports and tech data. There are bias' sure, but there is also a lot of factual data if you look and listen. As far as dino goes, (I am a synthetics user) I would rank order them (1)Schaeffers (2)Pennzoil (3)Chevron Supreme (4)Formula Shell (5) Castrol GTX (If Havoline were still a "known quantity" I'd have it tied at 3 with Chevron Supreme) (6) Union 76 (7) Valvoline (which I have to tell you I don't like because of its weak additive package) My info is based on UOAs, tech data, discussion and "extrapolation" of data from here and there (now that is specific isn't it [Big Grin] ) Hope this is helpful.
I'd have to agree with the above posts. The five mentioned seem to do prettty well but if you look hard enough you will find some less then steller UOA's Penzoil has been known to shear down. The question though-is if you are using other brands and change every 3K miles will an engine last just as long as with the oils mentioned above?? Who knows. [I dont know]
The one thing none of them make is a shear stable 5W30 in a dino oil. They all seem to have good 10W30 oils though.
I think the idea of changing oils with the seasons is a good one. 10w30 during hot seasons and 5w30 during cold seasons, with any of the above mentioned oils should work fine.
Originally posted by JohnBrowning: The one thing none of them make is a shear stable 5W30 in a dino oil. They all seem to have good 10W30 oils though.
I will admit to having a bias against dino 5w-30. My 2k Maxima loved to burn over a 1/2 quart of dino 5w-30 in less than 3,000 miles even in the dead of winter. I know that little oil consumption is "normal" but I have not had any oil consumption issue with the 10w-30 dino. In Southern California, the dino 10w-30 year round would work great. The Havoline brand has the same specs as the Chevron Supreme since the Chevron/Texaco merger. Look on the back for ChevronTexaco corporate name. If you are on a budget, the Chevron Supreme is the best priced of the three.
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