Tools you own but have never used, but still glad you purchased the tool/kit


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Unpacking the garage today and coming across dozens of tools/kits I purchased but never used.

This time sert kit for two valve modular Triton Ford engines is a tool/ kit I have never used but still glad to own and have readily available. I purchased this kit used on eBay two years ago.

What tools/ kits do you own, have never used, but glad to have in your tool box?

I think I’ve used about everything in my box. I do have some newer sets of pliers I bought for when the time comes they will come in handy reasons lol. Oh one I’ve never ever used though I bought the set used is my Mac swivel torx bits. It’s a universal joint socket with torx bits in them. They were a trade in to our dealerships Matco warehouse but now that we have a Matco dealer I buy from them and haven’t been to the warehouse recently. Something I thought was cool and worth $84 lol. I don’t think I have a picture of them but I do of the case. It’s the long red rectangular case. I’m sure they would be good for stuff that uses torx in odd places but fortunately that’s nothing I work on lol. I’d have an issue with warranty too because the Mac dealer for the area won’t stop at our dealership cause he says it’s too big so it’s probably best I leave them unused haha. That’s really the only thing I can think of that I haven’t used. But I am one to buy stuff that I don’t need so I have it when the time comes but I’ve managed to find a use for all of it.
I have a chonky inner tie rod tool kit never been used.

Only inner tie rod I did, I pulled the boot, cleaned the grease out, welded it together, and pipe wrenched it out like a cave-man.
I have a window crank remover still in its package. I used a rag instead since the s10 I had used the clip you could catch with one. Havent had a vehicle with window cranks since 2007.
I service an '02 Taco and '89 K2500 with manual windows, have used the tool on both.

I daily an '07 F150 XL (2V, so it doesn't suck) with manual windows and have used it there, too, to replace the heavily clouded and scuffed driver door glass
I have the Kent Moore power steering pressure tester kit....have yet to use it but glad I have it.

I've also got some a/c comp clutch pullers I've never used
Here's one, bought it several years ago at pawn. They took $15 OTD so I figured eh, why not? I actually have NO idea where it would be/should be used but it was tool truck stuff for cheap and might one day be useful...sure.......
I have the Kent Moore power steering pressure tester kit....have yet to use it but glad I have it.

I've also got some a/c comp clutch pullers I've never used

I have all the GM Harrison A/C Tools. When I worked at the Hot Rod Shop....We did A LOT of Harrison A-6 shaft seals for GM & British vehicle restorations.
Probably catch some slack for this one but the most handy one piece tool is the original gator grip socket.Around the house and those minor lawn mower repairs and minor duty it can't be beat.I bought a craftsman 3/8 ratchet on sale at Lowes and just keep it in the top drawer where it's easy to grab ahold of.BTW I do own a full set of Craftsman tools .
I use some less than others but everything has been used. Some of the old Euro specialty tools hardly get used now but they are here if I need them.
I do have a OE Motorcraft VV carb full tool set from Ford I have not used in 20 years or more, if I remember I will flea bay it.
My mom had a 81 LTD with that carb. I actually miss that car.
Brand new unused battery ratchet wrench I bought when I still had my 99 LeSabre with side posts. Sold it and bought my Lucerne with battery under the back seat with top posts before I had a chance to use it. I added extensions on to my Sierra battery so I could install the Ctek comfort connect so no more side posts 🤷‍♂️