Tools To Have For Vehicle Emergency ?

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Sep 10, 2010
As a basic emergency tool box for your vehicle - please advise what items you should have in the tool box ? ... I want to make one up for each of my vehicles to have in the trunk - Thanks in advance !!
Emergency survival blankets (2) Flash light Candle Auto glass breaker ( put in counsel) Chemical hand warmer packets Fire extinguisher Whistle Yeah, I know these aren’t tools, but you did say emergency.
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I drive a lot of highway miles 340,000 in the last 14 years. Tires are #1, so I have two spares, air tank, air compressor, tire plugs, jack & tire wrench. Second are spontaneous coolant leaks (cracked plastic radiator tank, hole in a hose) so I have epoxy, hose splices, clamps, tie wraps, and a water jug. Third is a spare alternator, belt, jumper cables and necessary tools. This is 99.9% of everything that can go wrong. . I once had an idler pulley SEIZE at night in a REALLY BAD part of Dallas. (remote, also) By the Grace of God, I actually had an old one in the back of the truck! But hardly any tools. I changed it with: a claw hammer, a jack handle, and a channel lock pliers. Miracles never cease.
Depending on how big of a trip I'm taking or what I'm doing I pack a ton! Any trip that's out of range of AAA or any Jeep trip gets the following: - Full tool set with all the "random" tools that I need ---- for example, Jeeps need a 13mm 12 point socket to take the wheel bearings out, 36mm for the axle nut - Air compressor / tire inflater - Tow straps - Electrical Box. Has soldering gun, power inverter, wires, butt connectors, electrical tape, strippers, test light random bulbs and fuses - Jumper cables - 38mm for camper hubs and grease should the hubs start running hot - Breaker Bar ALWAYS - Snack food, granola bars, powerade (doesn't freeze and explode) - Blankets Road trips are always packed pretty tight!
Qt of motor oil, qt of trans fluid. 14mm wrench for oil drain plug. Unsure if it would ever be necessary. Spare tire in good condition, car jack. All tools need for tire exchange. Tire plugs, air compressor. Cell phone. Rags, only so much you can do to be prepared. A valid AAA/CAA membership
AAA card. I used it last month. Came out from work, click. Didn't start. No symptoms prior. AAA came out and tested battery and alternator. Battery was bad. He was driving around with the right one for me, swapped it out and I was headed home 30 mins from the call. Gave me a deal and a 3 year warranty for being a member. Battery was approx the same price as a Duralast Gold. A couple of years ago I had a flat. Replaced the tire in the breakdown lane on a Maine highway at night with the speed limit of 70. After an 18 wheeler buzzed me and nearly sucked me out onto the highway I decided to get a AAA membership and save DIY repairs for my garage. No more carrying a compressor I never used. No more tools rolling around the trunk for problems you probably can't fix on the side of the road.
Start doing your service out of your car's toolbox so that you know what you have, how to use it and can think about what you really need. Finally focus on safety and dealing with an accident.
Phone and pair of gloves along with a blanket (lay on if wet out). Jumper cables. Side of highway or road very dangerous place to be.
My car came with a first aid kit. Even tho i dont know how to use anything in there aside from a band-aid. Just got a AAA card. 4 way tire iron from HF. Cheap-o tire compressor. HF mover's blanket. Jumper cables 1990's version from craftsman when it was 2 or 0 gauge. I should maybe get a roll of ductape and flashlight.
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