Tool for reading HVAC Static pressure

Jul 13, 2020
I'm thinking of doing some investigation on my home HVAC system and am looking for a decent tool to check the static pressure at the unit and in the ductwork. Would like to keep it under $100. Any HVAC technicians with recommendations??
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Dwyer 1221-M200-w/M U-Tube Manometer (100-0-100mm w.c.) using water or mercury​

This should work for all the pressures. Use water or their green die. A303 dwyer static probes.
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What are you trying to figure out?
Split level house. Currently it is 74 degrees outside. Stat, which is on the upper level, is set for 73 and cooing is running. Temp downstairs is 65 degrees. Temp upstairs is 74 degrees. I realize these are “spot” temperatures so I am going to take multiple temp readings over all of the rooms of the house, measure each room, find the tech info on my unit, and see if I have the proper size unit, proper size ductwork, proper cfm per room, etc. My research this far leads me to believe taking static pressure readings at the proper strategic locations will help answer some/all of these issues. 😎😎
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😎😎 I’m accustomed to seeing the Magnahelic gauges on air handlers…..yours sounds Impressive…..
What you probably want is a velometer to see how much air you are getting to each room.
Its common to have the "air balanced" in commercial buildings.

As a general rule upper levels are warmer than lower levels.
Another common mistake is how to operate the fan.
The fan should be "on" in summer and "auto" in winter.
Leaving the fan on in summer evens out the temperature throughout the space.