Took first sample for UOA, little help please

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Jul 14, 2003
Ft Lauderdale, FL
2002 Explorer 4.0 V6. Filled with 5 quarts M1 5w30 at 32400 mi, added 6 oz Lube Control and 3 oz MolySlip. Added 1 oz LC at the next 1k, then 1 oz two times at 1500 miles each. Finally, I added 1 oz about 500 miles ago. Mileage is now 37350. I took the sample this afternoon. I let the oil drain for a couple seconds before putting the container in the oil stream. I then changed the filter (Motorcraft everytime), and topped off with almost a quart of M1 10w30. I had the 10w30 in the garage, and the engine seemed to make a little bit more noise with M1 5w30 than the dino oil it replaced, so I felt the 10w30 would help a bit. Other than opinions on what I wrote above, I am filling out the paperwork that goes with the sample, and it asks if I want a TBN, for an extra $10. I am interested in taking the oil to 10k miles, but do I really need to have that extra step done? I would like to know what I'm doing is good for the engine, but I think $30 for the whole analysis is a little steep. I wanted to just get the regular analysis. [ February 08, 2004, 03:01 PM: Message edited by: Nitrox ]
Because you have additized so much on your own. I would get the TBN to see how much it has been affected by this. If you had run straight M1, I'd say no because we have a baseline and know it can absolutely go to 5K miles and have reserve tbn. In fact you might want to go further and get Dyson's analysis. This might save you in the long run, because you might be spending $$$ on additive that isn't helfpul. With this brew (it might not be repeatable 100%), you may want an expert opinion to boot.
Wow you sure are adding a lot of stuff to your oil. [Smile] You may have an interesting UOA come back. Keep us posted on the out come.
The only thing I really added out of the ordinary was the Moly Slip. Otherwise I tried to follow the instructins for LC. Didn't always get a chance to do it at 1k intervals but I was close. I wouldn't have added the moly but I had the bottle sitting on the shelf and I've been wanting to use it. With the M1 5w30 I noticed the engine was running a little noisier, so I added the moly, and it seemed to quiet down a little.
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