Took a trip to the Disabled Veterans Home.

Today I helped Celebrate the Navy's Birthday at the Veterans Assistance building, which is a building for disabled Veterans. We were all in our Uniforms. Being the only Minority in the group, I thought maybe they wouldn't like me because most of the wars took place in Asia. But I was wrong. There were cool. I guess that feeling plagued me since 5th grade when our 5th grade class took a visit at the Nursing home. The person I was interviewing told me that he fought against the Japs and other *** Killing war stories.. but being in 5th grade, I had no idea what "Japs" or "Gooks" meant until i asked a friend. Being at the Veterans building alone made me very depressed. All these Men and Women in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War fought so people can have better lives. I tried to talk as many as I can, i felt so bad that some of them wanted to talk to the sailors but there speech were so impaired alot of them were helpless and all we could say is "have a good day" or something in that sort. I talked to a African American Gentlemen that was in the Navy during WWII, he had speech impairment, bad eyesight, paralyzed from waste down. I tried to understand him , but I was having a really hard time and it just made me depressed beacuse I really wanted to hear his stories. Alot of the Vets were excited that we came. Some of them were waiting near the door to immediatly tell us Navy or Marine, ARMY stories. One elderly lady ran to one of the sailors and immediatly told him that there cousins, brothers,sisterse were all in the Navy, Marines, ARMY , Airforce.. etc. She was pretty excited. Leaving was the hardest part, I just look at there faces as i walk by and in my mind i say "Thanks for serving our country". As I left for my car, a elderly Veteran opened a window and Yelled "Bye , Sailor!!". I just smiled back.