too much clutch fluid would give what symptom(s)?

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Jun 4, 2005
Southern Ontario
I have an 05 5 speed manual with about 50k miles. I notice that the clutch engages and disengages much more smoothly (we are only talking first to second) for the first while after startup. That is later on in the drive i.e when the engine is naturally very warm I must be more careful when releasing the clutch. I dont mean that gears grind but rather the 'release' point for the clutch is...higher. Does that make sense?

Is it possible that this could be the consequence of having too much fluid in the hydraulic clutch/brake master cylinder reservoir?

Should this level be at the min mark when the car is completely cold...say after sitting all night?
I don't believe the reservoir fluid level would cause these (or any other) symptoms. As long as it's above the minimum mark, it should be fine. You do need to make sure the system is bled properly.
Possible water in the system going to slave?

Mine is at the MAX when cold.

I'd bleed it and get any air and junk out that could be there.

I doubt too much fluid could be a problem since the clutch system uses the brake system as a reservoir.

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Lots of things could be causing the change as things heat up, but too much fluid is not one of them. Flush the system out and get new fluid in there, then reassess. If it still changes, you've got something going on mechanically with the clutch itself - throwout bearing, pressure plate, something like that. Nasty old fluid and air are certainly possibilities, though.
I think the clutch master cylinder is wearing out. On the early clutch strokes of the day, the fluid is cooler and somewhat higher in viscosity; the piston cups in the master cylinder seal adequately. As everything warms up, the cups start bypassing fluid when you push the pedal, essentially not pushing the clutch down as far. The slave cylinder may also be warn.
Assuming the clutch fluid shares the reservoir with the brake fluid, has the brake and clutch fluid ever been changed? Fluid level should slowly drop as the pads wear down, but don't top it off until you flush the system. But I don't think this is your problem on an '05 with 50k. I also think something's wearing out prematurely. Still under warranty?
IIRC as the clutch wears the fluid level goes up, I believe it is opposite of the way brakes wear and the fluid goes down. It is possible the clutch is nearing the end of its life. I remember reading it in a Ford Shop Manual. Best bet check a Shop Manual.

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