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Jan 6, 2003
Lansing, MI
I have a WRX, and switched to Mobil 1 at the third change (9K miles). I use a graphite additive (Krex), and I still change every 3K miles though, since I often shift around 6K rpms, and even cruise at 3500 (mainly because 40mph is at a bad spot for 4th gear, and I have to drive that speed quite a bit). And if it matters, I take it to the redline almost daily. My dealer says that it may be detrimental to change synthetic that frequently. I read a lot of posts talking about how long you can go between changes, but none about whether you can change 'too' often. Seems like clean is clean no matter what, to me. I've been using 5W-30 in winter, and 10W-30 in summer, and have 27K miles on my car. I have upgraded to 287hp, and run a little rich on 93 octane. Coming up on 3K this week, so should I wait or not? [Confused]
It certainly isn't detrimental to change your oil too often, it's just that it's not necessary. You can easily go to 5 or 6k intervals with synthetics in most cases and your engine will last just as long (unless you have a Toyota 3.0 V6)
I don't think changing oil too frequently is bad, but 3000 is a bit short for synthetic. I would worry more about whether or not the additive is good for your engine or not. [ January 07, 2003, 05:49 PM: Message edited by: Giles ]
But with that additive we don't know if it is safe. I would not go any further. And get an analysis ASAP.
if your car has a severe schedule and normal schedule like my honda does, follow the recommendation for the normal schedule on the oil for miles. Changing synthetics too frequently is a big waste of money, the minimum mileage you should change synthetic is 5000, any less is just a waste of money!!!
Good point about the additive guys! I would not feel comfortable with running graphite in my engine at all. Why are you using it?
Thanks for the quick responses, folks - this forum is really on top of things! I'll wait and save some dough. But as a green newbie, I have no clue how to go about analyzing oil. Do I throw a rag in an envelope and send it somewhere, or is it more like a home pregnancy test? [I don't mean to be smart *** - I'm just naive] [Wink] Direct me to the right forum/topic . . . thanks, again [Cheers!]
At the top of the forum there are site supporters, and in there you'll find two different sponsors which are for oil analysis. Basically you send away for the sample kit and they send you a plastic bottle to collect the oil. With your oil good and hot you drain it and wait a few seconds and then take the sample. Close up the bottle quickly (to avoid contamination) and clean it off and mail it in. A short while later they'll send you back the results and let you know approximately how long you can go between oil changes. Every situation is slightly different, it's based on engine type, driving style, driving patterns (length of trips that is) and a few other factors. But it is safe to say that 3k oil changes on synthetic are a bit sooner than necessary. Even a good conventional oil can go a bit further than this nowadays.
Subaru dealers include Krex Graphite Engine Lubricant as part of their 'scheduled maintenance' LOF service. (ironically, they say Krex 'contains no additives') They also use Krex Fuel System & Injector Cleaner. The claims: * Wider range of temperature protection * Prevents 'dry-start' * Modifies friction * Contains no chemicals or additives * Engine runs quieter and more efficiently I will say that my mpg is up 1.5mpg since they started using it. I never questioned that it might be 'wrong', since it is administered by Subaru to warranted vehicles. That's all I know. [I dont know]
I would caution against graphite additives; in my view they can become abrasive and clump together. They would also skew your "SOLIDS" results for your oil analysis. There is enough carbon generated in the process of burning fuel and oil oxidation - no need to add more.
Krex says that their product is a lubricant, not an additive...this is really splitting hairs...most of us will say that everything added to a base oil is an additive. Anyway, a couple of things pop out-- There's nothing new about graphite in oil. ARCO sold a lot of in in the '70s and dropped it. I don't know the real reason for dropping it. Krex only allows dealers to sell their products. It seems a way for dealers to get a profit bump with little marketing cost for Krex. And, folks will blindly go along with what dealers push and just pay the extra. I wouldn't use it. And I wouldn't dump good Mobil 1 after 3k. Any harm from too frequent oil changes? Maybe wear out the threads on the drain plug?...but not with Krex! Ken [ January 07, 2003, 05:06 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
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