to users of Delo 400 synthetic 5w-40

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I got interested in this oil after reading a post by Dan on this site. it seems a great oil, regarding the spec's. (pour point -49F, 15 cSt@100 deg C. etc) Are there any others who've used this oil or know more about it? Thanks in advance for any feedback on this.
I found it an OTR truck parts house that sells baldwin filters. In my neck of the woods, its much easier to find than delvac 1. It was new stock for them, the manager said it had just come out. Dan
I found a 20 litre pail of it that I forgot I had stashed away. The last 4X4 case of it I had went into my friends 77 Ducati 900SS, 98 BMW 1200K, and his MB Diesel. He loves it. Petro Canada Duron and Shell's Rotella 5W40s are just about the same as Chevron's Delo. Once tried and hooked on 5W40s, people never go back to dino. Who cares what it cost. Shop around.
North american railroaders and Auzzies seem to be up posting at this time of day. [Frown] Kamloops is not a breakfast cereal. [No no] Prior to the API CI-4, Chevron NA listed a 15W40 that had an extended service rating over their Delo 400 CH-4. I can't find my old Chevron product book to tell you what the product was called, but the specs looked exactly like the 2001 and later CI-4 Delo 400. The old Delo 100s and 300s are rare to be found, and quite likely a private label product for price-point contract packaging. [I dont know]
Sprintman, the delo 400 at the caltex shelf is the group 2 (+??) SL Ch-4 stuff, 15W-40. Camira seemed to like it, will be using it more in friends cars. To the best of my knowledge, we don't get the 5W-40 synth version. The Delo 500 is a lower class of oil, recently rebranded as Delo Gold. userfriendly, some of the other hundred series delos are listed in the Caltex book as available down under.
Dan, could you email to me the specifics of where you bought your oil? I'd love to give it a try.
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