To sell Esso XD-3 south of the border.

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I don't know, but I'd ship in a case of 4 jugs. So I don't have to break the case and package individual jugs.. I imagine shipping in bulk would even out shipping.. I'll get the price for a case and see..
I ran this by another Canadian member. The cost basically worked out fairly good on the exchange rate ..even with shipping. It made a token reward for the effort ..enough probably to justify the work if the supply was close enough to the shipper. The cost difference with the shipping brought it up to being competitive with Delvac1/T&SUV. It would probably be at a substantial discount to Delo 5w-40 which has very limited distribution.

These are products that are not available to us in the states at any price. There is no other 0w-30 HDEO in existance that I know of ...and the only 0w-40 HDEOs are XD-3 and Rotella ...neither of which are avaiable south of the border in that weight.

That is, if I'm willing to pay $2x.00/gallon in case lots for Delvac 1 ...I should be willing to pay 2x.00 for XD-3. It's only a matter of if that margin is worth it to you for a recurring sale thing to occur

The Paypal/ebay thing would be a nice feature.
I read that a few Americans would be interested in buying some Esso XD-3 oil from a supplier in Canada. Well, I've been thinking about doing this service to our American friends since I have an Esso supplier not far from my home.. I'm not much of a business man myself, but if the demand is truly there I'd be willing to check things out to see if such a practice is legal and find out if I could get a wholesale price on some products so I could make a small profit for my trouble and keep the price low which is one of the good points of this line of product. The purchaser would need to cover the shipping and taxes on their side of the border of course. I could did it ebay style with paypal to be official and protect your purchase.

If anybody has information that could make my life easier, please post here.

Living in Ontario, Canada but also being very close to the NY state border, and having shipped many items that I sold on eBay to US buyers, I can tell you that the economics will be best if the case of oil is shipped from the US side. The shipping cost is guaranteed to at least double if shipped from Canada - even if it's only 100 feet from the Canada/US border. The receiver in the US will probably get surprised by having to pay Duty and possibly brokerage if the item is shipped from Canada. None of that happens if it's shipped from the US side.

Because it is oil (ie. a spillable liquid), you will probably have to supply an MSDS with it, and there may an extra charge for the fact that it is a liquid.

XD-3 is available in cases of 12 One Liter bottles ( 1 liter = 1.05 quarts), or 4 Four Liter jugs.

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I'd drive some down on my next trip, but I am afraid of getting tangled in red tape while crossing the border. Free Trade doesn't really exist for individuals.
When I bring stuff back, I quote its value, rather than what I paid for it, since they ask you what the value is. If you open the bottles of oil, and scratch them up a bit, they suddenly become used, and the value drops. But I'd only do this for my own use, since I couldn't re-sell it in that condition.
So it might be worth it for somebody from the state to bring stuff through and then ship it. I will check the price of a case at the wholesaler today and will report back in here.
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