To change or not to change

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Jul 19, 2011
Hello all.I have Mobil 1 5W-30 in my ecotec.I have put on 4000 km since the start of June when I changed it.Winter in Canada is coming and i'm wondering if its o.k. to keep it in till spring (April).My olm is at 62% right now. My trip to work takes 1/2 hour of running time each way.What do you guys think? BTW this is my first run of synthetic , i have 85000 km on the car.
Does the manual spec anything alternative for "below freezing" temps? Most "temperature to oil visc. charts" I've seen seem to say that 5W-20 and 5W-30 are very "robust, in that they can be used below freezing, and [censored] near above 100oF.... Does it typically get "below freezing" in your area? I suppose if you were really concerned, you could drain the oil into a clean drain pan, rebottle it into a 5 quart jug marked "GOOD OIL" and save it for the spring....if you were "that" worried anyways...
My manual specs conventional 5w-30.also if the temps get below -20F then you can use a 0w-30 or 5w-30 synthetic(which i am using right now).The temps get down to (drumroll) -40F on occasion here,typically -20F to -30F.Bet you're glad you live in Florida!
You should be fine with a 5W-30 syn. I live in Edmonton and that's the viscosity of syn that I run year round. 0W-30 or 0W-20 would be better winter choices, though. I will likely switch to whatever the new name that XOM gave to the Esso XD-3 0W-30 once my stash of QSUD 5W-30 runs out as long as I can get it at a good price from a local distributor.
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