Tire storage tree

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Feb 13, 2003
Nothing new here...But I purchased two tire storage trees at Canadian Tire and just would like to share my thoughts on them.They are pretty nifty.Stores your tires one on top of each other ,about an half inch apart,resting on the rims.Saves alot of room and they have a nylon/felcro cover to keep dust/debris off of them while stored.FYI
This thread is worthless without pictures.

Imagine a shoe tree but for your car's shoes.
Can't do pics...I'm lucky I can get this far on a computor.It looks like a christmas tree with-out branches..."X" at the bottom with 4 round spacers/dowel pins to set your rims on as you go up the main column.Works great!
Thats it!I had to drill a couple of holes in one at two different spots to get my big a$$ Jeep tires to fit but I got em' on there...my regular tires for my Cherokee fit no problem.Now the weight is on the rim and hardly any room is being used...good idea!
You don't want tires to "set" on any given area.The weight of the other tires resting on each other is detremental to the ones below it.On the side is better,leaning against each other,but not touching anything with the weight on the rim is best!Do a search on tire storage.
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