Tire recommendations for wet weather no snow

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Jan 8, 2007
Was wondering if anyone has suggestions for a good Florida tire. No snow here but we get lots of wet sometimes.
235/50 R18 on a passenger car.

You looking more for comfort or performance?

I have the Cooper RS3-A on my CTS...

They are an all season performance tire. Works great so far in the rain and dry. Handles well and has a 500 treadwear so not full Touring tire but also not a super high performance tire.

If you want longer life then look at touring tires like the General AltiMAX RT43.

700 Treadwear so should last longer and give a softer ride.
Thanks for the recs. I am looking for more of a comfort tire.
My new Pilot Sport A/S3's are amazingly grippy in the wet. I really love them in wet weather!

If you read about them you will also see they are excellent in wet conditions.
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cooper cs5 ultra ? rt43

what car?

Sorry, this is for my Genesis Sedan
Yea the RT43 and CS5 are both good touring tires.

I put the Ultra CS5 on my BiLs car and my nephews car. The Ultra are a little better in snow but the Grand CS5 has a longer life span.
michelin primacy mxm4 is also a very good tire
(not to be confused with the oem pilot hx mxm4)
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