Tire puncture - too close to the sidewall to save?

A tire repair in that area is against Rubber Manufactures Association and vehicle OEM guidelines. I would also fail a tire repaired in that area for PA inspection. No puncture closer to the shoulder than the outermost groove is repairable https://www.ustires.org/sites/default/files/2021-10/Puncture_repair_handout_17_2.pdf
Thanks, that makes me feel better about my tire place. I did not want to think that they were trying to write off a repairable tire just to sell me two new ones.

But in any case, the tire held air fine overnight. It's on the van now, and I'll keep a close eye on it.
I'd patch it myself with a plug kit. I've done so many times in that exact same spot with total success and no issues.

I’d never ever pitch tire there. If you patch it and it fails: YOU own that.
At my work I would be fired instantly for doing that also