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Why Kelly? You can't survive in the tire business for over 100 years without knowing a little something about tires - and a lot about the people who buy them. We know that there's a whole section of people out there who want to find the best intersection of quality and price. They choose Kelly Tires. Guaranteed good. It's not often that you find tires like the Navigator® Platinum TE and Safari® Signature with so much quality built in - or so much protection added on. One of the most powerful in the industry, the Kelly Road Hazard Limited Warranty offers no-hassle repair or replacement when there is damage due to road hazards such as nails, glass or potholes. It's just one more way Kelly is committed to bringing customers a good deal on a great tire.
I need new tire and am on a tight budget. They go on a camaro and the size i need is 215/60R16 The two Im looking at are from Walmart. The Douglas Touring with a 80000 mile warrenty are 68 dollars its a very high milage warrenty for the price or the Goodyear American Eagle for 74 dollars with a 60000 mile warrenty. What are you guys thoughts on these two tires. I would rather have the goodyear because i have never heard of douglas tires but it has a much beter warrenty then the goodyear and is cheaper. I just wish i knew how it handled. Can you guys recomend a good tire out the two or another in that price range. Thanks