Tire Experts: Used Coopers- Sell, scrap, or run 'em?

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May 27, 2002
Far North East Texas
Last week got the new Kumho Powerstar 758's mounted on the Neon, size 185/65/14, mounted on 14x6" Mopar alloys. Balance & tracking are fine so far, less than 200 miles on 'em so far. But: in the carport closet have the factory steel wheels with worn-out set of BFG Comp T/A's mounted(wore 'em out myself, thanks!), *and* a dismounted set of used Cooper Lifeliner tires, also 185/65/14, these tires are about 5 yrs old I guess. The Coopers came on a set of alloys, wheels didn't work out for me, when I sold them my buyer wanted wheels only, & so I have these tires. No big problems, 2 have ~6/32" tread, other 2 have 7/32" tread, evenly worn. Tread looks like it might be reasonably decent in light snow. I've tried running ads in the local paper to sell them, priced cheap, no takers. Maybe I should just scrap them, or give 'em to the local service station. But I keep thinking I should have 'em mounted & balanced on the factory 14x5.5" steel wheels, haven't actually had that priced yet. They've been stored inside the carport closet for several years now, & don't look dry-rotted or anything like that. So, what do you think? If I can get 'em mounted & balanced for a reasonable price, should I keep 'em for an extra set of wheels & tires? I still have the wheel covers for the steelies. Any ideas on them being too old, any way I can check that? TIA
No expert here, but you're getting my opinion anyway! [Razz] I probably would have put them on the alloys and tried them out. Since you're already past that point, I don't think there's much point in paying the $50 to get them mounted on the steelies. When would you ever use them? I'd just keep them in storage if you've got the space.
Current thinking is that tires have an age limit regardless of how much or how little they are used. Some say it is 6 years and some are saying it is 10 years. I think it depends on where you live and the ambient temperature. More temp = short life.
I have in the past, left useable tires at my local tire shop, with instructions that they be given to someone down on their luck, free. All they pay for is the mounting/balancing charge.
I wouldn't run a tire that more than 5 years old. Tires do degrade over time and I think that its not worth taking a chance on a blowout. Nor will I run, even in the spring to fall, a tire with less than 5/32 of tread left. But then, I'm conservative when it comes to tires. I buy good ones, run only studded snows in the winter, am a greater believer in maximum traction, and feel that the money spent on tires is great safety insurance.
Here's a link to my harbor freight experience. For $40 plus a very cheap shipping fee I got a big pile of metal sticks suitable for an afternoon's workout that coincidentally results in mounted tires. This is great for the "homesteader" personality who doesn't want to rely on repair garages for anything, and who would scrounge suitable used tires if it weren't for the $15 each fees for mounting. If you had this pile of Far East metal, you'd not only have a cool sculpture for your garage, you'd know what to do with the tires you've got. One could even go so far as to save nearly worn "rollers" to remount on their car in time to send it to the junkyard, etc. Elmination of that mounting fee was my motivation.
Well, I guess the fourth time's the charm! Tried selling the used Coopers three times previously, most recent time about a year ago, never got more than a nibble. Ran another free ad this week, it began today, & the phone started ringing at 7:30 this morning. I blew 'em out cheap, & they're gone to their new home now. They'll be delivering newspapers soon! [Big Grin]
I have in the past, left useable tires at my local tire shop, with instructions that they be given to someone down on their luck, free. All they pay for is the mounting/balancing charge.
I am not sure if I would trust them on the free part. FYI if you have 1 good tire and 3 bad tire, and replace all 4, they keep the good tire and sell it as used.
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