Timing chain tensioner

Jan 9, 2020
Fort Drum N.Y
I need to replace the timing chain tensioner. Will I need any special tools other than the one to lock the gears. This is for a 2008 mazda 5. Any advice is appreciated.
There is a bar that goes across the back of the cams to hold the cams in place, a pin that goes in the block to lock the crankshaft and a tool to align the crankshaft position sensor to the front cover. Crankshaft pulley bolt is one time use and needs to be replaced, there are diamond washers on each side of the crankshaft gear that need to be replaced any time the pulley bolt is removed. I would also recommend the tool to install the a/c compressor belt, some stretch belts come with the tool
OP, how many miles on your 5? I have an '09, and am curious as to how long the timing chain lasts. Only 183K km (c. 114K miles) on mine at this point.