Time to Update the home network.

Aug 20, 2003
So The TP-link a2300 was getting abit old and security updates are few Non-existant (v1.02 bios iirc)

I was just going to throw in a consumer model such as the Linksys AX6000 but decided to go in another direction.

Bought some Unifi gear... its not quiteee enterprise grade.. more prosumer/small business

(2) unifi wifi 6 lite access points
-2 power injectors sold separately :poop: 8$

Which is replacing:
Tp-link a2300 wireless AC 1800 iirc.
unifi wireless N Long range AP
16port dumb switch.

Took about 15min to get initial setup of the UDM pro,
My power injectors for the AP's wont be here until monday(Fed-ex dont ask) so using the Tplink router in AP mode currently.

Any pro-tips? stories? I was more familiar with enterprise gear about 10-15 years ago.. so ancient times.
I have a USG, 3 2 (one died after many years of use) AP-Pro, a couple cameras, and a Ubiquiti 8 port POE switch. All controlled by the software controller running on a Linux VM (on KVM).

Ubiquiti does WiFi the right way. I have found that if you scan all the channels and pick a 2.4Ghz (1, 6, or 11 NO side channels please! co-channel interference is much better than side-channel interference) and a 5Ghz channel for each AP that isn't congested you'll be way ahead of the game. Don't do channel bonding on 2.4Ghz, as it's a waste of time, just leave them at 20Mhz. Set the 5Ghz (ac) channels to 80Mhz and the controller will bond them as needed or ignore them if there is interference - AC if very good at this. Rescan every couple months and adjust if needed.

Use a funny SSID like "free viruses" or "malware at no extra cost"
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Probably turn on some of the security settings like the intrusion detection and prevention if not on already, the udm-pro can handle max settings nicely. I also like to setup different ssid's and vlans for to separate the different devices to keep the important stuff like computers and phones separate from the smart home devices. And if you want to you can setup schedule automatic updates to the firmware and unifi, if not you can update manually. There's tons of other settings to play with that I have no clue about including some smart wifi features.