Time for new Wiper Blades

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Oct 22, 2005
St . Louis Missouri
The old saying you get what you pay for is not ALWAYS true, but I feel you do get great value paying a little more for Bosch Micro Edge Excel wiper blades. I've tryed Anco, Trico and ever other ...co you can think of and Bosch seem best by far. The only negitive is you can not refill these but they seem to last much longer. My Explorer blades are still good at 5 years old. I just bought a pair for my wifes car today replacing ones half that age. Just wish they were American made. Box says made in Belgium.
Valeo Ultimate blades are non-conventional blades with over 1500 contact wiper-to-glass contact points. Soon to becone the new standard, they already are OEM on many new Euro cars. These wiper blades can be retro-fitted to most older cars. They cost about $30 a piece. Highly recommended.
I'm such a big-shot, I treat all my cars to one new wiper a year. Driver's side gets a new one and the old one gets rotated to the passenger side. I fit wipers to 3 cars out of my pocket, no way am I spending $75 on wiper blades. Usually I buy winter blades...and I need a new one every year. I just put one on the rear of this used CR-v...it was a stub.
Just buy refills. Even for my Lexus from Lexus, they are $4-$5 each. $10 each year to see clearly is a small price in my opinion.
I'd like to see the Valeo Ultimate blades, sounds interesting. Lets face it wipers have not changed too much in a hundred years. Still wiping glass with a rubber like blade.
Check out any late '05 or '06 model BMW and you will see those wiper blades. They completely put away with the segmented blade "holder" that rarely exerts even force on the actual blade and glass.


Valeo Ultimate Blade -- picture
By the way, whatever brand or design wiper blades you use, you really should consider getting SafeSight, which compliments any wiper blade and extends its life greatly! I have been using SafeSight for maybe 5 or 6 years by now.
I like the new "ultimate wiper" design. I noticed the Pontiac G6 has it, as well as newer BMWs and a bunch of others, I'm sure.

$30 seems a little steep, though, but if it lasted a long time I could handle the cost. Problem is, environmental grit is going to chew up the wiping surface over time, no matter how it is designed. I can't see how it would outlast perfectly good regular blades. But maybe less lift at speed... that would be helpful. And are they good for winter?

Truth is wipers are quite a little expense for us. New winter blades each year; you can't avoid that if you drive in a lot of crappy weather. And after six months on the winter blades, the year-old blades aren't gonna cut it, especially on an outdoor-parked car in high-uv Colorado. So four wiper blades a year it is, for EACH car.

As for refills, forget it. They cost nearly as much as a new blade, don't apply to winter blades, and only seem to be available for a couple of blade brands, anyway.

- Glenn
Refills for my SWF wipers were about $3 each, and that included new springs. The complete wiper was always expensive. In fact, there was no correct aftermarket wiper for the driver's side, because the OEM wiper had a curved profile, while the aftermarket units were all straight, which looked odd.
One trick I've found is to clean the windshield from time to time with Bon Ami found nationally in most supermarkets. This stuff will not scratch and cleans leaving a smooth surface. I was hesitant to use it the first time but it worked well. Even old wipers seem to work much better.
I've been very happy with the Bosch Micro Edge Excel on all of my cars. Used to use new winter wiper blades each year but seem to be getting 3 years out of the BMEE. I recently tries the ANCO AeroVantage on 2 different cars. Each car had 2 different sizes. 21"&24" on one car and 17"&27" on the other car. All 4 wipers were terrable from the get go!

Originally posted by glennc:
I like the new "ultimate wiper" design. {SNIP} And are they good for winter?

According to the manufacturer they are excellent for winter-use as there are no exposed pivots like normal blades which tend to ice up and freeze solid. I've got the Valeo Ultimates on my STi and thus far I'm very happy with their performance, best wiper blades I've ever used hands-down.
I've used about 5 different wiper blades and none work as well and as quietely as Trico's (The OEM replacements).
I would like to see how those blades stand up to the desert sun in So Calif. Also the photo chemical smog in So calif is murder on wiper blades. It would be a good test.
Don't waste the extra money for Trico teflon blades. They will skip across the windshield just like the regular Trico blades after about a year. I would like to try Valeo blades myself, because if they last a few years they are worth the extra $$$. I think Valeo blades are still American made, as Valeo has a wiper mfg. plant in Rochester, NY.
Trico has the Innovision, which is similar to the Valeo Ultimates. I just can't justify spending over $10 for a pair of blades that will be used for a couple months here in CA.
I like my new pure silicone Triple Edge blades that I got from Walmart for $5.88 ea. They come with a lifetime guarentee. I mailed in the registration and they will send me a warrentee card. When I want replacement blades I just send in the card and they will send me new refills free. I like that they are made of silicone. I am sure it is longer lasting that rubber. We shall see.
Winston, sounds like you are the exception to the rule. Most folks including myself will buy something because of a lifetime guarentee and then misplace all the paper work.
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