time for an oil change and analysis... help

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Nov 28, 2002
plano texas
got some royal purple in there and its on about 3100 miles and I dont know if its the old royal purple or the new but I am having some wierd noises in the engine and fuel milage is bad so im gonna change it and have an analysis done. Ive never done it before so I need to know exactly what to do. Also any suggestions on the new oil? maybe schaffer's, but should I go fully synthetic or blend, dont care about changing intervals only drive 6-8k a year?
Need details on the vehicle. Shaeffers blends are top shelf, Mobil 1, Amsoil.

Oil analysis:

Also Shaeffers oil analysis kits here:

You can check everything out from Bob's home page.

Basically you need to get the engine up to operating temperature, thououghly clean around drain plug and after a quart or so runs out shove the sample bottle under it. If you need to take a sample before you get the sample bottle you can use a very clean container.

Hopefully one of the guys can tell you how to clean the container.
The Schaeffer blend will do you just fine, you won't see much benefit going to their full synthetic unless you plan on really long intervals. The blend is already good for 10k or more in a lot of cars.

As far as oil analysis, click on our site supporters section and you've got two to choose from there. They'll send you the sample bottle, and you simply take off your drain plug, wait 10-15 seconds and then collect the sample. Be sure the drain plug area is totally clean first, and don't open the sample bottle too soon before taking the sample, and when you collect the sample, close it up real quick to avoid any contamination. Then mail it off and wait for the good news!
Sweet, well the royal purple is fully synthetic so I have plenty of time ot change it. Isnt there more of a difference between the blend and the fully synthetic other than changing intervals??? Also what filter, K&N? or do they not filter well enough?

Oh but first I want to try the auto rx even though my car has only 67000 miles and see if it makes a difference, I also want to try the sea foam stuff... does it matter if I use the sea foam after the oil change? Also does anyone know the url for the auto rx website, or know where to find the sea foam stuff?

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The Auto-rx site is www.auto-rx.com I believe the discount is $5 off.

As far as the K&N oil filters go, I think they do a great job. They filter out just enough small particles to keep the oil clean, but they don't restrict the oil flow.

As far as the blend vs full synthetic Schaeffer oils, the additive package is the same, so the engine wear numbers will be virtually the same. The full syn will flow better in extreme cold, but honestly, other than that the full syn is only going to show it's true colors on a very extended interval. And we've shown on here that the blend, and even the mineral Schaeffer, performs extremely well.

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Originally posted by 94 formula:
Sweet, well the royal purple is fully synthetic so I have plenty of time ot change it. Isnt there more of a difference between the blend and the fully synthetic other than changing intervals???

When you talk "Blend"-you have to look at the quality of the additive package and also the non-synthetic base oil stock. I am not pushing Shaeffer's products. But it appears that their "Blend" is probably quite superior to most "off the shelf" blends based on oil analysis we have seen. And as Patmen has said they have the capability to go 10K. I now have the Shaeffer's 5W-30 Moly Pure Synthetic in two of my vehicles. It is probably overkill and even Shaeffer's Reps dont push or recommend it. I'm a synthetic oil junke though.

As far as K&N goes. I think they are the perfect filter. They filter well but also hive the high advertised flow capability that should avoid the bypass mode and allow them to run extended oil change intervals. Also they are built like a tank. Their wall thickness is twice the thickness of some brands such as Purolator.
Al, were you able to buy the pure synthetic in single bottles or did you have to buy it in a much larger amount? The website still doesn't list the pure syn as being sold in singles.

Originally posted by GROUCHO MARX:
3 bottles of a-rx for 40 bucks or 1 bottle free when you buy 2

Plus this is free shipping in the lower 48. Go to the For Sale forum as this ends 12/30/02
wheres the for sale forum? Cant I just e-mail the guy at auto rx? I can use 3 bottle too my dad has an 88 cadillac with 183k on it
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