Throughly Disappointed With GC Green

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Mar 14, 2006
....Disappointed since I'm unable to find it [Smile] Hello everyone. First post here. I've been introduced to this site recently and I must say this site contains a tremendous wealth of information! I've read enough to become completely sold on the elvish elixir and as luck would have it, I cannot find any!!! I've been to over 15 AZ's and absolutely nothing but the Gold can be found. [Frown] Oh well, I sense more spontaneous road trips in my future [Cool] . Just wanted to say hello and that I look forward to learning all I can from this awsome site!!! [Cheers!]
George, If I couldn't find GC Green, I wouldn't hesitate using the Gold. Get some Gold for your next OCI and continue your hunt for the Green. a_g
Thanks for the advice a_g. You're absolutely right, more UOA's on the Gold should reveal it being on par with the green. I'll also keep in mind that this advice is coming from someone with 138qt stash of the green [Big Grin]
Where in So cal are you? I know Originhacker21 is in the LA area and has searched near and far for some green and has found little. The gold does seem to be just as good as the green though.
Originally posted by George H: I'll also keep in mind that this advice is coming from someone with 138qt stash of the green [Big Grin]
Yeah by the time I'm out of GC Green, we'll all be hunting for GC Gold as we are for GC Green now. So start your GC Gold stash now. [LOL!]
If you're the only guy speaking English in the store, you've got a good potential source. Just be sure to clear out all the dust covered "yellow" label AC bottles on the rack in front of the good stuff.
Yeah, around the Northridge, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Canyon Country area of Southern California you won't find much green. I've been told that there is some near Victorville, Barstow?. I've checked Apple Valley - didn't find any. The places that seem to have green are located in the "ghetto" places (run down neighborhoods). That is where I found my green in North Hills, CA. In my opinion - Gold is just as good as green. Currently on a 6k OCI of Gold. A BITOG member was kind enough to sell me 6 quarts of green so I can compare 6k OCIs. (Will be running the green next).
GC is available at several Rancho Cucamonga AZ's and at least one AZ in Fontana, near Cherry and Baseline. I've said it before and I'll say it again; it's ubiqitous. No search necessary.
hey alright! i'm in rancho cucamonga (California). I have a 02 BMW 530i Sport and have been reading a lot about GC. I'm glad to hear there won't be a problem. Axjohn, you're not finding any 'Green' GC right? (If so, i'm going out this afternoon and getting some.)
Mike, I AM finding GC green. Check the Baseline and Cherry store in Fontana, and the Rancho store on Rochester and Foothill. They've ALWAYS had it when I've gone into those stores. Check the labels, though, cause it's mixed in with non-GC.
Originally posted by audi_guy: ditto on the "ghetto" AZ stores. At least 80% of my GC Green stash came from those.
I don't want GC that bad!
Make sure to take your Ghat to the Ghetto. I hope I spelled that right, I was not taught hebonics in high school like they are teaching now...... But, serious, I will purchase up all the GC, no matter what color it is....I will buy it when it becomes the smurf elixer....GC Gold is just as good or better than the Green, just not as unique. Coop. Oh yeah, I got mine in the Ghetto, and I was skerred........haha
I was finally able to find 8 bottles of M04 or Green GC. The Baseline and Sierra store had 4 and then the Mango and Foothill store had 4. john you're right it took searching but i went through all the bottles. upland, all other rancho (personally checked), and all ontario (those via telephone) do not. Those two i got mine from (in Fontana) don't anymore i guess, as well as another in fontana (personally checked) and bloomington. my car takes 7 quarts, but it's more like 7.4 with the new oil filter. so my car will get Green GC one time. I don't think there's any way to find 7-8 quarts again. And i'm not going to do this again anyway.
I agree - all the time spent searching for GC Green - I saw the light and just kept my eye on Items for Sale - found a member selling GC Green and got it there for bout the same price minus gas to drive 50 miles to all the AutoZone stores. Recently there have been quite a few people willing to sell their GC... Keep looking in Items for Sale. Otherwise, where I live - GC Gold is plentiful!
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