Thread Sealant on Brake Line Fittings??

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Feb 22, 2011
I will be replacing my brake lines this weekend on my '98 Bravada with 190K miles. Oh, I am running PU right now, but she normally get Schaeffer's 9003 with a Wix filter. Do you put anything on the brake hose threads?? I see that Permatex makes a couple of products, but I am not sure if they would do more harm than good. Obviously, I will be replacing the copper washers.
Ive never had the need to. They always have sealed tight and well for me. Not sure what the compatability is...
You should not have to put any kind of thread sealant on them lines. They should have ferules that do the sealing. The only type of threads you use sealant on are pipe fittings.
It is not the threads that seal, it is the flared joint. But a little anti seize can be used on the threads for later grief/aggravation attenuation. Make sure the seating surfaces are clean, and don't overtighten. It can distort and leak. [or break!]
I recommend no sealant at all, though a small amount of anti-seize on the threads of hard lines is helpful later.
Not just on the threads, but also on the bore of the fittings. I started doing this after my "extensive" experience working with rusted brake lines.
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