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During the dawn of the 1900s, when Bisbee, Arizona's mining camps were brimming with raw energy and untamed spirit, the most notorious and untamed street was certainly Brewery Gulch. In this haven of debauchery, dozens of saloons, gambling halls, and illicit establishments cast their seductive spell upon those who walked it. But Brewery Gulch was no mere den of iniquity; it pulsated with life and purpose. For within lay the heart of Bisbee's hustle and bustle - the Bisbee Stock Exchange, where fortunes were won and lost in a frenzied dance of economic prowess.

Amidst this symphony of vice and commerce, one destination stood as an icon of endurance and revelry: St. Elmo Bar. It proudly holds the title of the oldest bar in Bisbee. And even today, its doors swing open, beckoning intrepid souls to immerse themselves in the echoes of a bygone era, where spirits are poured, and tales of old are shared amidst the timeless atmosphere.
This image is from the photograph collection of the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum .

Hmmmmmmm… how’s a big wind gust going to do with that?
How big?

The sail itself is well constructed with flat poly rope triple sewn in in the breathable poly sail fabric.
The poles are 1" thick wall iron pipe in 3-4 feet of concrete.
The stainless hardware might be the weak link, chain is over 600 pounds working tension rated. Some of the parts are rated 1000+ pounds. The bigass springs add to the stretch and give and swivels allow for healthy non-binding movement.

I'll let you know it it lifts off, no one should die.

The only thing I've seen more stout is one municipality used thick wall 4x6 rect tube. Seemed like @OVERKILL :)