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Aug 8, 2008


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Aug 10, 2020
Roanoke Virginia

Some new plates for the collection today. Older South Carolina plate. My first SC plate. 3 Virginia motorcycle plates, 1 Arkansas motorcycle plate, 1 Kentucky motorcycle plate and one Mississippi motorcycle plate. And another set of California plates. I really like their plates because of the font. My reason for buying these is I’m trying to get all three generations of the lipstick plates. So far I have the one that has nothing at the bottom, these which say and I have a set on the way which is the Sesquicentennial set. Also have a Kansas plate on the way because I wanted it lol it’s a base I don’t have. I have a Connecticut plate, South Dakota plate, Wyoming plate and Minnesota set on the way. And I have a lot of 60 almost new or new Kansas plates too I got for a good deal. My plan is to maybe trade and sell them off and easily make my money back to buy other plates cause I have Kansas already and I sure don’t need 60 of them lol. I got cause the price was cheap and I can easily make 10 times my money back literally. I’m still waiting on my sample plate from the DMV too. Like every plate post if anyone has any they would like to sell me for a reasonable price I’m interested. I don’t sell or trade anything that a member gives me because I want to keep all the ones I’m sent and I appreciate all of them very much.