Thoughts on Sig P938

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Oct 24, 2008
I was looking at these the other day and was curious if anyone had some experience with this firearm. Thanks in advance!
That would be a correct assumption. Right now I carry a P229 IWB pretty comfortably. I'm a bigger guy (33" waist/46" chest), so I can hide a lot. I'm thinking the P938 could be good for minimal clothing days during the summer.
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I have the p238 (.380). I like it well enough. accurate. lightweight. very concealable. I prefer to carry a G26 because more rounds and better grip, but yes, the 938 is a good gun (caveat - single action only - you have to remember to take it off safety vs a striker fired or double action only without a safety for CCW)
I recently bought a 938 (I also have a 238). I will never carry another gun. The 238 and 938 are AWESOME. Very little recoil, well built, accurate, and they have great sights. You won't be disappointed. My Walther PPK has more kick than the 938 does.
I range tested both just to compare with the wife's S&W. I preferred the 238 between those two. But for me, I still prefer my trusty P220 over both of them.
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