thoughts on old M1 0w40 tr-syn

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Nov 30, 2002
Any thought on this oil? I have been using it for a few thousand miles now...its the old tri-syn formula, and I get it for free so why not? Just wanted to know if anyone has heard stories, experiences, etc. etc..
hmmm i have no idea.... the guy has it in a 55 gallon drum, it was for mercedes at a dealership and he has the drum now and its about half full, i will look today maybe it will say SJ or SL... but if it has to go into mercedes AMG vehicles, i bet its SL?
i was also wondering if this oil has "moly" and esters, and all the good stuff that makes it PAO oil?
I think the Mobil 1 0w40 SuperSyn is one of the best oil formulations out there but not sure about the Tri-syn. So I wouldn't hesitate to use it in any vehicle requiring 40 weight, and would consider it in vehicles requiring 30 weight, assuming they were out of the Warranty period. There are some UOA that show good wear results using this oil.
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