Thoughts on Goodyear duratracs

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Jul 5, 2004
Why I am asking is because it's going to be a toss up on whether to get them in place of getting BFG ko's

I am on my 3rd set on my Cherokee. On the Toyota the BFG's are about worn out I was thinking of getting the duratracs. Do any of you enjoy them? Because even tho the Tacoma isn't 4wd. It's a prerunner trd so it's rear is a locking diff. I would benefit from the more aggressive tread than just an all terrain but not a mud terrain.
I have heard they are a great all around tire. And they are good in the rain. That's what I would be concern with because highway miles is mostly what I am driving on. Though 30% or just above is off-road.

Do they hurt mileage at all or does it stay pretty much the same??

Thanks on any that respond about these tires.
My best friend has them on his 2000 Cherokee, and had them on his previous Ranger. They are good all around tires. They are quiet, have great wet traction and snow traction, and ride very nice.

The only two cons I can think of are the sidewalls and tread wear. The sidewalls seem a bit weak in my opinion, especially compared to the BFG A/T. They seem to get flats a bit easier, but that probably isn't a concern if you won't be driving in sharp rocks.

The treadwear isn't as good as the BFGs either. We rotate his tires religiously, keep up with the alignments, and he will probably get 40k out of them. I'm not sure how heavy a Tacoma is in comparison to a Cherokee, but I know the full-sized truck guys seem to wear through them pretty fast. Otherwise they are great tires. My top favorites are definitely the BFG A/T and the Duratracs.
Ok. Might just stick with the BFGs because of tread wear and value but I sure do want to get the duratracs just to see what I'll be missing out on.

The grip on the duratracs is what intrigues me plus the wet traction.
The Duratrac tread design is excellent! Great tire in the mud (near mud-terrain effectiveness!), great on dirt, great on snow and ice too!

The HUGE disadvantage is sidewalls. EVERYONE that runs them blows a sidewall on a little twig or something. I have been through stuff where the two Jeeps ahead of me blew sidewalls (duratrac) and I had no problem getting through it without a blown sidewall.

That was a big reason I didn't buy them. Since I would have been running load range E, maybe I would have got a thicker sidewall?

They are a successor to the goodyear workhorse, which was an excellent tire as well.

If you can find them, the Discoverer STT is an excellent tire and doesn't suffer from thin sidewalls.
The current BFG has not changed in over a decade. The new style will be out later this year. Until then, the DuraTrac walks away from the current KO.
So with driving through cow pastures and briars at times, stobs from briars, and such in pastures once in awhile I should stay away from the duratracs??

If I really had to I would buy a spare that wld make it five tires. If only that is the case of a sidewall mishap. I wld just sell the non ever used Goodyear GSA that has been under the truck bed ever since '99 to make up for some of the money going for the 5th tire.

So with the sidewall being 2 ply I believe should I stick with what I have been good with running??
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There's a few that get the road hazzard warranty and just say they hit something driving down the road and it blew on them.

Seems to work for them getting free replacements. I think after the 2nd or 3rd blowout the tire shops started to get a little suspicious something was going on.

What size are you looking at? You really should take a look at the Discoverer STT if they make it in your size.
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Your retreads, sir. A/T tread, good traction, decent sidewalls, and $98 each. (About $70 to ship four to Alabama.)

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Your retreads, sir. A/T tread, good traction, decent sidewalls, and $98 each. (About $70 to ship four to Alabama.)


Remolds. They are more related to a new tire than a recap.

Have been running them for 3 years. They're a good tire. I deflate them off road. Once in a while, I forget to reinflate and run them down the highway with 10PSI. No issues.
Price is higher than the BFG ko's but I think very soon I'll have Goodyear shoes instead of ko's as a set on the yota. Plus the road hazard replacement they have for the additional $20 is icing on the cake no matter if that makes the deal more out of the wallet. I game for that.

I think they only have that is because they have only a 2 ply sidewall and have had issues with customers. The bfgs have 3 ply sidewalls and less problems. No road hazard w them.
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