Thoughts on General Grabber AT2

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Feb 19, 2008
I'm really on the fence between the General Grabber AT2 and the Cooper Discover AT3 for my 2012 Nissan Pathfinder the Coopers seem to be a fantastic tire although I hear good things about the Gen AT2 so I would like some opinions on them.... Thanks!
AT2's are very popular with the Subaru crowd. They transform Foresters into pretty capable off-roaders, so they should make your last-of-the-real-pathfinders Pathfinder quite formidable off-road.

And sorry about the new gen Pathfinder. Nissan caved to the crossover trend. Snipped it's balls. I'd hold on to that 2012 as long as you can.
Size 265/70/16 .... And I agree totally about the new Pathys they are nothing but an over glorified Minnie van! No offense to anyone who owns one I'm sure they drive fantastic on the road most car based SUV's do today. I picked up my 2012 last month with only 7,000 miles on her and it runs great I am now adding some extras. You may be asking why tires with only 7,000 miles? I am just getting ready for snow season the stock General AW tires just won't cut it for me in the white stuff.
I've used them both. The Coopers are nicer on pavement; quieter. The Generals have the edge in incliment weather and off-road.

The Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor has been my absolute favorite so far. The snow traction was better than any A/T I've used. The Michelin LTX M/S2 was a close second. Both are more expensive than your choices though. You'll be paying for some added winter weather performance. I used these on my work trucks; 2010 & 2012 Tahoe and 2011 F-150.
We chose general Grabber AT2 205/75/15 for the 2013 Peking to Paris Rally Beetle in the face of many comments from experienced rallyists who claimed it wasn't a good choice for such brutal long distance off-road conditions.

The performed perfectly! They actually barely lost pressure over the 12,250 km, 33 day event and we were one of the few of the 96 participants who had not one flat along the way.

And we still have about 75% tread left!

Two thumbs up from this user!
I've had the general grabber at2's on my 4wd xterra for 21k miles now. They still look brand new but i do rotate them every other oil change. They seem like a solid tire and perform well OR.
I had the Generals on my last truck, they were awesome in snow and off road and wore great. I have the Coopers on my current truck and they seem alright. Alright traction in wet, wearing kind of quickly like Coopers seem to always do. They are also very loud. I go General all day over Cooper.
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Size 265/70/16

Thanks, I wanted to see what Tire Rack had.

They have the General Grabber HTS if you want a quieter tire for the road.
I just took a set of AT2's off my Nissan Frontier and put on a set of Cooper AT3's. So I've got a very similar platform as you.

The AT2's made it 60K. So did the OEM BFG tires. I was not that impressed with the snow grip on the AT2's, but I'll admit I had high expectations due to their snowflake rating. I don't think they were any better than the OEM BFG's. They also got quite loud towards the end of their life. I'll rate them as OK, got good life out of them, but not a tire I wanted to put back on my truck.

My AT3's ride is noticeably softer, but not sloppy. I'm not bouncing around like I did on the AT2's. They are also much quieter, but I've only got 5K miles on them. Haven't been through a winter yet to comment on snow traction. So far, I much prefer them to the AT2. Winter will be the final judge though.
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I had the Generals grabbers on a Nissan Titan 4x4 crew cab. They were great in the snow, dirt, gravel and loose terrain. Tire wear was better than average. No experience with the Coopers but they seem a little more highway friendly than the Generals. I prefer the General grabbers over BFG all-terrains I use to run for a long time.
Cant comment on the generals but dont worry about winter traction with the at3 coopers. They arent snpw tires but they do pretty dang good for a mild all terrain tire. At least on my half ton.
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