Those with more than 300,000 miles check in

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Jan 21, 2003
Elizabeth City NC
I joined this fourm some 2 years ago to try to make my used cars last longer with less oil consumption. I drive my cars to 250,000+ and by this time they have consumed oil and were generally on their last leg engine wise. I hope that my current car my be in better shape when it hits the 200,000+. I have learned a lot and now use mobil 1 synthetic oil instead of Castrol GTX. I use auto-rx,techron, and Marvel Mystery oil. I do regular UOA's and have used Terry Dyson analysis. My current Honda Accord has 142,000 and runs as new with zero oil consumption. What do you guys that get to 300,000 and the engine is in good general shape do?
305,000 miles. 1988 Camry, 4 cylinder. Still on original engine/transmission. We purchased the car with approximately 58,000 miles on it in 1990 and sold it to my brother-in-law in 2004. He still drives it as his daily driver. Steady diet of Pennzoil 10W30 (summer) and 5W/10W-30 mix (winter) and Toyota OEM filters. Both oil and filter changed approximately every 4,000 miles, give or take. Sometimes less, sometimes a bit more. Never used any oil between changes. Also had Slick 50 treatments in the ballpark of 90,000, 170,000 and again at about 250,000 miles.
Purchaced new, $13,000+1988 Accord 2.0 carb. 98hp & 109 lb.ft.tq. 340,000 miles with no rebuild on the engine or the auto tranny. No head or intake manifold gasket replaced. No oil leaks nor does it burn any oil. 3-5000 mile OCI with 5/10 w 30 dino oil. Tried some 5W20 recently for fuel economy reasons but noticed no difference. EPA 24/30...I have always gotten 25-27 city and 34-37 hywy. Only really replaced rusty parts(gas tank, radiator, brake lines/PS lines etc.) Nothing major has gone wrong nor does anything need to be replaced frequently. Sure! Over the years I have replaced brakes, exaust, tires, batteries, tune-ups. Nothings has ever fallen off or broken in my hands like door handles or heater/AC controlls. I'am certain that this can't go on forever but, it almost seems as though it will. Just keeps running and running.
I have 333K on the 87 Volvo 745 Turbo. Although I only have 50K on the new engine I did get 282,700 out of the old one. It was fed of steady diet of dealer supplied 10W30 bulk dino and Mann filters from day one. That car had 3K OCI since the mandatory 600 to 1200 mile break in oil change. I should have no problem putting another 170K since all the fluids in it are synthetic. Motor has had 4500-5000 mile OCI's with Mobil 1 10W30. Since 18K I've added a 3 oz maintenance dose of Auto-Rx.
Cousin drove his '83 Accord for ~20yrs racking up 346K miles. I believe 3-5K dino oil changes. Hard to park it due to excessive smoking but it convinced him to buy another Honda.
410K 1988 f-150 with the Inline 6. Orginal engine only thing changed is maintanace items and a Alternator Regulator. But the Manual trans had to be changed once at 400K. The truck now sits because of the extreme rust it has.
I put 326,000 on a Merc Villager I purchased new in '94. Mobil 1 all the way. Consumed maybe a 1/4 qt at the 6,000 mile oil changes. Later, JU
NJC, There's no doubt that dino oil can get you long life out of an engine, but I'm curious if your cousin used full syn the whole 20 years if the engine would have been smoking? maybe would still be on the road today
2001 Montana w/322,000 miles and climbing quickly. Engine, trans are original, only opened once for the dreaded intake leak. All the belt driven accessories are original as well. XD3 0w30 w/Amsoil bypass changed every 25,000 miles Amsoil ATF w/bypass changed every 125,000 miles.
And, there is my 84 Civic wagon, at 381k. But I cheat, I live in Southern California. We don't have weather.
311k on my 88 BMW 528e. original engine and trans, cat converter, alternator, ps pump and main fuel pump. I have never lifted the valve cover. Just routine maintenance items. I use walmart Supertech 20w 50,and STP oil filters every 3-4 kmiles. I have done all the service on this car in my driveway for the last 6 yrs. Due to a leaky head gasket, the engine leaks a qt of oil between changes. It has done this since I bought the car in 7/96 with 150k miles on it. The leak is my excuse not to switch to synth oil. My current commute is 500miles a week. A year ago, it was over 700 a wk. The car just loves to run. I hope to make 400k with it, but rust may claim it before that mile stone.
[Cheers!] to all those that had the discipline to hold onto a car for that long. i intend on buying a new diesel when i graduate from college and i want to take it up to 400000 or 500000 or more, hopefully i will hold on to it that long.
racer, make sure you drive your new car long enough to figure out if you like it, before you plan on keeping it a long time.
as long as they dont make any drastic changes from the 05 ram 2500 with a cummins i already know i will like it. my dad has an 05 that i have driven on a few trips (>500 miles) great ride, great power, comfortable, great economy for an 8000 lb truck with all that power.
More like 2 months/25k now. [Smile] It didn't get as many miles put on it when it was newer but now it gets 300-1000/day. It's used as a taxi so it's not just me putting all those miles on it.
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