Those with 150,000 miles or more, check in

I've been looking for a used vehicle in the last few week's, and all there seems to be id high mileage vehicles out there. 10-12 year old pick ups or suv's with over 175k miles on them, for up to $20,000. Now from what I've read online, with car interest rates going up making purchases out of reach for alot of people, I figure 300k mile vehicle's will be flooding the used vehicle markets soon. You can keep any vehicle on the road if you keep throwing money at it, but at what point is it just too much ?.,,
I've been looking for a used vehicle in the last few week's, and all there seems to be id high mileage vehicles out there. 10-12 year old pick ups or suv's with over 175k miles on them, for up to $20,000. Now from what I've read online, with car interest rates going up making purchases out of reach for alot of people, I figure 300k mile vehicle's will be flooding the used vehicle markets soon. You can keep any vehicle on the road if you keep throwing money at it, but at what point is it just too much ?.,,
Hard to say—it’s all about condition. DNA and genes help, some vehicles just age poorly and then have poor aftermarket support. But cars that got made in the millions, those tend to have support, even if it’s junky Autozone parts, at the least you can keep using their lifetime warranty to keep going.

I haven’t seen many 300k vehicles up here, but road salt keeps that to a minimum. But way more 200k+ vehicles fer sure.

It’s like there is an S curve here, where the first flat is full of outright junk—rust, high miles, issues both hidden and in plain sight. The second flat is very nice—and very expensive. It’s the steep curve between the two that is killing me. By the time you get out of the problem vehicles, you’re deep into the pricey end of the pool.
I'm posting this in this section instead of the General section because it definitely has a lot to do with lubrication. I just wanted to see how many people here have over 150,000 miles on their original engines, to see what kind of oil you've been using and what kind of intervals. We talk about a lot of different oils on here, and critique a lot of UOAs, but the absolute best way to find out if any particular routine works, is to look at those people who have had success with it by getting long life from their engine! That is truly what we are all trying to achieve here. So if you've owned your car since new (or at least know the exact prior history of it from new), please step in and give us your input! I think this could be a very interesting topic!
The '90 Accord in my sig has more than 170K miles. Bought new by my mother-in-law, it ended up with a grandson for graduate school plus another five years of ... ahem .. 'active' use; e.g., it survived a major leak (about 2 quarts) before discovery f the incorrectly installed oil pan gasket when the timing belt was replaced. Other than that event, it's has no measurable consumption of oil. Always 5W-30 of various brands with a wide variation of intervals.

Long story, but it's back home mostly serving as a "runabout'; though I've complete confidence in its reliabiltiy. Most of the paint is ugly (clear coat long gone). Every once in a while, someone will ask if I'm interested in selling, but no desire to find something to replace, and I cherish the all around visibility (no cameras needed), tactile controls (I despise the 'touchpad' on our CR-V) and it takes a lot to lock the keys inside...
185,000 miles on my 2008 V8, 4x4 Pathfinder.
Everything works.
Burns no oil.
Transmission shifts perfect.

Was in a rust state for a long while so replaced nearly all suspension parts due to rust.
But many of them were due , due to age anyway.
Body has very little rust nothing noticable.



2011 GMC Yukon Denali

Only repairs have been a driver side motor mount, front ball joints and a set of brakes front/rear.
Oil has been M1 5W30 HM since 90,000, changed every 5-6k miles
Filters have been Wix, M1 and Fram Ultra
17.5 Gen2 Jeep Compass Traihawk 2.4 165,000> miles
Bought new. First day of ownership the transmission leaked all over my garage floor.
New seals and shaft installed but it started leaking again at 5000 miles. The transmission was replaced and it has been running great since.
Regular 5000 to 7500 mile oil changes mostly Pennzoil Platinum but have run QS and Valvoline
0w20 all with no issues. Motor uses no oil and is leak free, Replace both batteries and brakes all around
a few air filters and on 2 set of spark plugs. Replaced front and back sway-bar links and a couple sets of tires.
This is my work vehicle so it can see 400 to 800 miles a week. I would say 90% of these mile are Highway use.
I will be driving it until I or it retires.
Nice! Keep us posted on how it holds up, I love high mileage stories from people that put a ton of miles of their vehicles every week...especially the ones that will drive the thing until it blows up! I’m in the same boat right now...2016 Avalon (112,000 miles). Doing around 500 miles per week. Bought it with 50,000 2 years ago.
2006 Acura TSX (2.4l, auto). Owned since new. coming up on 300K. Oil changes every 3-5k using the usual suspects of "top shelf" oils and I've usually stayed with the recommended 5w30, I've used 0w40 a bit. Car doesn't seem to care. I used to religiously D/R the trans, but now I do it when I think about it, which isn't much. Car has been hit by a propane truck, and other autos and my wife likes to back into gigantic, bright yellow painted parking garage piers!! Car drives almost as straight as it did when I bought it. I adjusted the valves a few times. Every engine that has manual adjusted valves should be this easy. Original suspension. It is my opinion that this model was one of the best cars/engines ever built. It just won't die.
2011 Chevy Suburban 2500 200,000 miles.
This vehicle is still our main form of transportation when it comes to hauling oiur kiids to sporting events or touring the United States.
It has been unbelievable reliable.
2007 Cadillac CTS
152k miles
Repairs include timing chains, sway bar links/bushings, tie rod ends, shocks and struts, idler pulleys, tensioner, wheel bearings all around, water pump, alternator, starter, radiator, spark plugs, evap purge valve, etc in addition to all fluids and the normal maintenance items (brakes, etc). Uses about 1 qt of oil per 1k miles (typical for highway driving with the 3.6 engine of that era). Uses less if I only drive city/local.

2005 Toyota Matrix (manual trans)
155k miles
Repairs include starter, oxygen sensors, front calipers/pads, motor mounts all around, rear liftgate supports, spark plugs, clock/ABS display, and all fluids. Belt tensioner replacement in the near future. Several upgrades including solid shifter bushings, sound deadener, stereo/speakers.
No oil consumption.
1994 Camry 4 Cylinder. Currently at 311,000 miles, oil has been whatever is on sale and changed every 4,000 miles. It burns about a quart every 1,000-1,500 miles. Last few years it's getting Kirkland 5W30. Michigan winters are taking their toll on the body but it runs perfect. It's currently getting a new distributor installed, amazing how few issues this car has had in the 7 years I have owned it. Had 192,000 miles when I bought it.
2013 Lexus LX570 210K miles mostly various synthetic 0/5W20 occasional synth 5w30 0w40 7-10K OCI
1997 F350 stock 7.3 Powerjoke 234K miles cheapest 15w40 dino summer 5w40 Delvac esp winter 3-5K oci
2002 Saturn L200 2.2L Ecotec 162,000 Miles (260,713 Km)
Bought with 127K & Changed the oil when the Change Oil Light Illuminated. I was surprised that this bucket car even had an Oil Life Monitor "Light" LOL.
Usually 5k-5.5k Miles with 5w-30 or 10w-30 Full Synthetic with Fram Ultra, TG, Pure One, or Hengst (OEM) cartridge filter.
Replaced the front brake pads & new struts. I had an Ignition Coil go out but other than that these 2.2L GM engines are great! 30+ MPG
I gave it to our niece at 150k & now she has it up to 162k.
My wife bought a new 2012 Focus as soon as they came out. The transmission would have driven me nuts if I drove it every day, as it had the infamous shutter when it changed from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd. Ford did a few reprograms on the transmission and it would help for a while, but each time it eventually started to shutter again.

I did 5,000 OCI's on it with MC 5w20 blend or NAPA 5w20 syn and FL-910S filters. She drove it to 125,000 miles with nothing but a couple sets of new tires. She sold it to her nephew on the cheap as he was in medical school. He is now a newly practicing MD and several months ago he told us it was over 300,000 miles. The transmission has never failed and has never had a trans fluid change. Engine still strong and he is not the maintenance nut that I am. So, go figure.
1997 Honda Civic w/ 224k miles, purchased with 67k and used Castrol GTX and switched to Mobil 1 for awhile but also used Chevron Delo xle 10w30, lately running Valvoline Maxlife.

1999 Honda Civic w/ 274k miles, 209k when I bought it and have mostly used Pennzoil Platinum.

Both cars still run great.
Purchased our 2013 Acura TL with the 3.5L in January 2013 with 2 miles on the ODO.

Trying to find places to drive more frequently, have 106,000 miles. 5,000 OCI’s with M1 or PP and M1 or OEM oil filters.

Changed front brakes/rotors at 65,000 miles and rear brakes at 104,000 miles. New PCV valve at 50K and 100K. 2 batteries, 4 sets of tires, transmission drain and fill every 20,000 miles with the Honda fluid.

Installed a new Acura timing belt, tensioner, water pump, accessory belt, valve adjustment, valve cover gaskets at 95,000 miles.

It has literally been a perfect automobile these 10 years and has transported my wife to church, work and kids to school for years. Hope to get a few hundred thousand more miles out of it.
I'm driving an '03 Camry 2.4. It's got 241k and running well. It was my youngest son's car, which I provided for him 9+ years ago when he was in high school. It's interesting what annoyances kids will endure. The flex pipe was leaking when I got it back, as well as the alignment was way off. Those are taken care of and sway bar bushings /links are on my list of to-do's. It's a rather pleasant drive for a 20 year old Hooptie. 300k should be a breeze.
My 2007 F150 has 170K miles (about to hit 171K miles) on it. It doesn't leak any fluids and doesn't burn any oil.
I usually get between 16-18 mpg city, and between 21-23 mpg on the highway.