This is rex, the lizard which lives in my bathrub drain.

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Oct 15, 2005
sebring, florida
About a month ago i noticed a lizard in my bathtub. this isnt all that unusual in south florida as we have these little buggers running all over the place. i tried to catch rex but he awalys ran right into the drain whenever someone came near. i cant get within 4-5 feet of him otherwise he will run right down the drain and stay there for a while. ive tried leaving a towel draping over the tub's side so thet he can crawl out, but he never does. ive tried double sided sticky tape, however he awalys avoids it.

i didnt want to hurt the little guy so i figured i would just let him stay and maybe he will leave on his own. he seems to catch houseflies and things which land in the tub and eat them for food. i eventually started bringing in little critters to feed him, a cricket here and there, a couple dozen black ants, etc. i know he gets enough water because i shower 1-2 times a day.

each time i go into the shower he runs into the drain and stays there untill im done showering. out of respect i take only moderately warm showers now. i dont want to burn the little fella. how he does not drown or get pulled into the septic tank is beyond me. maybe he clings on right at the opening where i cant see him.

in any case, im stuck with rex for now. i cant find a way to get him out without hurting him. i suppose i could pour bleach in the tub, but im not that cruel.

If you want to get rid of him you could wait untill he is away from the drain and try tossing a towel over the drain to prevent him from getting away??

I dunno it might work, or you could live with him. He seems harmless enough.

What a nice story.

A man and his lizard.... bravely battling for survival in a cruel harsh world. Looking out for each other.

Just imagine the rascally reptilian eating a brown recluse spider that would otherwise have bitten you, causing your cellular structures to dissolve and drop off.... leaving you a mere shell of your former self, having to crawl to be mobile, begging for alms alongside the roadway.

Rex may have already saved thee from a horrible fate.

Have you thought of writing a story about this and submitting it for publication? If Reader's Digest sees it in a magazine they may buy print rights and those pay well. Ensure you keep the movie rights. If the story hits the BIG screen you may be set for life financially.
Maybe you could try shooting him with a rubber band, to hopefully merely stun him, then grab him and put him elsewhere.
But of course, where one lizard found a way in, so might another....
Awwww... He's so cute.... I've got those little chameleons all over around here. One lives in the crack between the garage door frame and the brick veneer. Several reside in the timbers of my raised bed garden. Great little bug eaters.
That's funny. I don't know anything about them or how big they grow but i would think eventually he will get to big to go down the drain.

I have had an Iguana since she was a baby about the size of a finger. She grew really fast within a week there was no way she could have fit down the drain. Then again Iguana's get like 5 feet long. I don't even know what kind of lizard that is.

Otherwise maybe someday you will catch him off guard and close the drain before he gets down. That's doubtful though them little things are fast.
Rex is not really a chameleon, but is what's known as a Green Anole. He has the ability to change color to a degree, from shades of green to brown.

Try making the bathroom as cold as possible, he'll get pretty sluggish.
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