Third world country has more choices than the U.S?

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Sep 26, 2005
Jakarta, Indonesia
I used to live in the U.S for 9 years, San Antonio, Las Vegas and been around the States. Back in 1993, the internet wasn't yet available so the only way to get products were pretty much through your local NAPA,PEP,Autozone and mom and pops. Just like this forum, the main brands of oils discussions and availability revolve around Mobil 1, Valvoline, Redline and the only exotic oil on the board is the German Castrol. Even redline oil are hard to find in San Antonio and Las Vegas, only mom and pop stores carry redline in Vegas.

Right now I live in a third world country Indonesia,where the people are either stinkin rich or dirt poor. Everytime a new model of car is announced, you are bound to see one on the street by the following week. There's this place call The Automall, I mean it's not like the Sam's Super Car Lot in the U.S, I mean this is like a proper mall, all the cars are indoor and fully a/c with a food court on the top floor. Guess what types of car that one could buy? You can get a cheap MPV for $10,000 upto Bentley Continental GT, and I can't even believe this, a Ferrari Enzo that cost aroun 1.5 million U.S!!! All under one roof.Who says that you need special qualifications to own an Enzo, in Indonesia, no such B.S, got the dough, drive her home.Oh yeah, there's also Bentley Arnage in Green, Blue and Black, just pick your color. Porsches?Lambos?EVO9?Ferraris?Got that covered too!!!Oh yeah, under one roof!!

Now, there is this one stop shop, the most complete oil specialist store that I've ever seen in my life, the store is called TODA Racing and they sell all brands and some brands I didn't even know exist!!!! So as you can imagine, I was like a kid in a candy store! Not just oil but all sorts of brands of brake fluids, ATF, PS, Motorcycle,Autoglyms(where in the U.S can you walk in and buy Autoglym or 3M professional car care or Meguier's Professional line, I can't find them in Pep or Autozone?),CRC(can't even find CRC in Vegas or San Anton), Permatex.

Here are some oils that caught my eyes: IGOL SYMBOL CERAMICS 5w40 or 5w30 for $45 gal. IGOL Process Compact 5w30 for $52 gal. IGOL SYMBOL Ceramic Racing Oil 10w60 for $60 gal BP VISCO i think it was the Visco 9000 but definitely the top line 0w40 for $60 gal, TotalElfFina Pearl Full Synt $30 a gal, Shell Helix Ultra 0w40 for $40 a gal, Motul 300V all grades from $50 to $70 a gal,ADNOC Full Synth 10w30 for $45 a gal, AGIP Racing Oil for $35 a gal, AGIP Full Synth $24 a gal, ELF Excellium Full Syth $24 a gal, MUGEN RACING Spec Vtec 0w40 $90 a gal, TRD Racing $100 a gal, some Italian brand that I've never heard of $46 a gal, and there are hundreds other such as Aral, Hi Tech, Fuchs, Sikolene, Maxima, EOS, some Japanese brand I don't know the name coz all the writings are in kanji, some australian some small german companies. Also you don't have to go to mercedes benz/bmw/toyota/honda to get OEM Oils, ATF, PS, Brake Fluids, it's all under one roof. I just realized that the selection for oil brands in the U.S really sucked compared to a third world country. It's so boring discussing the same brand over and over again, every new thread is either about Mobil1, Amsoil, Redline, GC,or the other run off the mill brand like valvoline, penzzoil, boriiiing!!!!

And the funny thing is that Mobil1 is overpriced here because of all the ads and endorsements in the newspapers and automotive magazines. A quart european formula of 0w30 or 0w40 is $15!!!!!!!!!where as in Autozone is what, five bucks! And some of the Mobil1 is repacked in Singapore but costs as much as the one from the U.S.And the redline is cheaper than mobil1 because no ads or endorsements.I might try the Redline 10w30 but I've tried redline in my 1998 C230 merc back in Vegas and used it for 4 years so no suprises for Redline. I love the Igol though!!!!Too bad you can't find it in the states.

Man I spent hours in that store, can't decide which oil to choose, I don't want to use Redline, Mobil1 coz they are like a dime a dozen back in the states. So I decide to try some exotic brands. First I tried the Motul 300V 5w30 fo $40 a galon, very happy but now hard to find. Then I switched to IGOL Symbol Ceramic 5w30 but then also hard to find. So since I was happy with Igol, I tried the IGOL Process Compact 5w30 for $56 a gal, couldn't be happier, been using it since. Where in the heck in the U.S that you can find IGOL or the brands that I have mentioned. This forum just running round in circles Mobil1-Redline-Castrol-then back to Mobil1 again, boring dude!!!!!!
Sounds awesome!! How many of these TODA Racing stores are in Indonesia? I mean, there are about 3000 AutoZone's in the US. There are over 6000 NAPA auto parts stores in the US supported by 69 distribution centers. I'm sure TODA Racing has a very similar (scaled to Indonesia's size) retail and distribution footprint, right?

And Indonesia has, I'm sure, super super strict environmental and trade controls, requiring every product that's sold in the nation to meet a massive amount of federal regulations controlling all facets of product mfring, sales and distribution.

I agree it's a bummer that companies like AGIP and ELF do not have national distribution agreements with Walmart and Pep Boys, since there is so much consumer demand in the US for motor oil costing as much as $25 per quart. Personally I am sick and tired of spending only $5.00 a quart for stinkin' GC. Just last night I found some Amsoil 0W-30 that costs about $10 a quart, shipped. That's more like it!!

I hope some of those really cool lubricants make it to the US. I'd love to see how many people will kick down $10-20 a quart for some snazzy EuroOil and stop using their cruddy Mobil 1 and Redline.

Hey, take some pics of that store next time you're there and post them here. If nothing else, we can see what we're missing. Thanks!!
Sounds like I would have been in REAL trouble if I was in a store like that here. The old phrase "kid in the candy store" doesn't EVEN begin to cover it!!!
Sure I'll post some pics, if they'll let me.Federal regulations huh? Have you read the recent report that the U.S produces the most pollution than any other countries in the world? Oh yeah, that's why the U.S looooves the Kyoto Protocol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kenw, oh yes sir rita!!!! Cheap labor, design what you want, fiberglass or cabon? $150 exact same copy as trd or mugen.

The reason why they are expensive is because they are heavily taxed by the government, but it's the exact same products that you can get in Europe. If you check for ELF Solaris that meets VW 504 it cost $11 plus shipping on the net. Another thing is that the Rupiah is really weak against the dollar, so the prices are determined by the exchange rate. Unlike U.S Dollar, Rupiah is really volatile.

Oh you can get the el cheapo stuff like conoco, castrol, valvoline, penzzoil and priced the same as they are in the use. They don't just sell premium oil, they also sell the cheap penzzoil at $5 per gallon, your choice.

Have you read the recent report that the U.S produces the most pollution than any other countries in the world? Oh yeah, that's why the U.S looooves the Kyoto Protocol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WRONG. The US doesn't pollute more than any other nation. Technology is helpling the US over come pollution. Just worry about keeping that bird flu in check over there.
Please feel free to post some pictures. I'm all up for seeing more brands. I too get tired of the usual flavor here.
That's the funny part, when I was in the States,people are more "economical" and "sensible" but here in Jakarta, Indonesia, this is a fluke country, as you mentioned with sarcasm of being sick of cheap oil, people here have no qualms spending money on expensive oil,expensive Nokia(I mean I don't see high school kids in the State using Nokia Communicator 9500 do they?, and they do here, $800 big ones for a Communicator), expensive cars, there are more mercedes/bmw per capital than other city in the States, on weekeends at the mall, it's like a car show, Jags, s600, Lorinser SL600, Hummer, BMW 750il,teenagers driving evo9 and audi TT, Harleys, Ducatis, Buell and they a have a special area for this super premium cars and cycles, always in a high traffic area where eveybody can see them. You don't even see that many lux car in Beverly Hills in one sitting. BMW/Merc are a dime a dozen in Jakarta, Indonesia. It's a fluke country, unlike any other in the world.
well, cynicism doesn't appear to work....

with the history of innovation (hint: more cynicism) in these Far East 3rd/4th world countries, I would be a bit leary of buying any "performance" oil in Jakarta. It's just as likely to be relabeled bunker oil. Not that the Speed-Racer wannabes there could tell the differences.
Maybe just a hunch, but USA consumers generally avoid motor oild with the word "CERAMICS" on the bottle.

Aside from that - pretty much everything you list is available in the USA - maybe not under one roof - so that must be interesting. It would be also interesting to see how much oil volume moves at those stores.

I'm kinda curious - if Indonesia is so nice, why did you bother coming here? And I can safely say I was on the internet in 1993 in the bad ol' USA.

Not sure why the world thinks we are the #1 polluter?? Sure we consume a lot - we are all fat lazy slobs here - but we sorta clean up after ourselves.
The original poster had to get political in an oil thread. I would like to direct him to the Board Rules, and think again before he posts.
I'll post some pics, can anybody tell me how to paste it? I hate/love going to that store cos everytime I go there for some Autoglym or 3M Professional Detailing Products or some brake fluids or coolants or fuel system cleaners, the urge is just tooooo great to buy a gallon of oil and have my oil changes, arrrghhh!!!!!!!!

I always ended up spending more than I should!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by abimanyu:
Sure I'll post some pics, if they'll let me.Federal regulations huh? Have you read the recent report that the U.S produces the most pollution than any other countries in the world? Oh yeah, that's why the U.S looooves the Kyoto Protocol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My point was that all mfr's, including petrochemical companies who produce super-snazzy motor oil, have to meet all US federal regulations before they can sell their products in the US. This includes the EPA and FTC (among other entities). Since the market for a $10 per quart motor oil is very small, most of the mfr's are not going to spend money modifying their products (if needed) just to sell a few cases of motor oil to US car geeks.

As far as Kyoto is concerned, the deal is a rip off for the US. China is basically exempt from the requlations. That right there is a deal breaker. Here's an easy to read synopsis:
with the globalization of the economy this is where the USA is heading, either stinking rich or dirt poor. Anyone want to guess on the year the middle class is gone???? 2015? not far off...
abimanyu: Some of the oil brands you mentioned (Elf, Motul, Fuchs, Sikolene, Maxima spring to mind) are available in the U.S., but you may have to mail-order them from a distributor such as TurboFrog Performance (they sell ELF & Motul).

CRC & Permatex...carried at my local Pep Boys.

Autoglym, 3M professional car care & Meguier's Professional line...available from some online car detailing supply vendors.

With that said, it sure would be cool to browse/purchase those products all under one roof!

Originally posted by 2003TRD:
with the globalization of the economy this is where the USA is heading, either stinking rich or dirt poor. Anyone want to guess on the year the middle class is gone???? 2015? not far off...

Sounds good to me.
I'm working hard to make sure I'm one of the former..........

So far $3/gallon gas hasn't done much to get the poor people off the streets based on my personal traffic congestion survey, despite a lot of hand-wringing by the media.
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