Thinking of using this oil in a passenger car... Amalie XLO Ultimate Synthetic Blend 15W-40

Nov 29, 2021
Very brief, I see this oil where I work and it catches my eye. It is a 15W-40 and we can see from the label that it clearly has the diesel certification as well as the API gasoline certification. I was debating on using this as a PCMO.


I am living somewhere where it will very likely be 80 or above on Christmas Day or at least very warm all the time and downright hot in the summer... plenty of people say that that won't exactly matter for the viscosity of motor oil and to use what your car says to use. Some say the only thing using a thicker oil will do is get you reduced gas mileage. Some say it protects better. MOFT.. However.. this oil has me curious about how it would do not only in constant hot, but also around its 15w specification and what temperature (New England winter, could it work?) would push its limit.

It says it has the Moly so it's kind of like an American Liqui-Moly oil.. does not say what kind of Moly or that other oils also have Moly.

Says semi-synthetic which has me wondering its base stock composition.

Realizing that this was not a PCMO, I made this thread here to not only discuss the oil itself but also if it would be suitable as a PCMO.
I would use it without hesitation. Especially in your warm climate. I have run 15w40 diesel oil in alot of gassers over the years. The best transmision mechanic I've ever met switched all of his vehicles to 15w40 as soon as they hit 100k. Winters can get down to -10f where I live. I'm sure it's not an Ideal weight for winter but I've never lost an engine over it.
Yes it is suitable as PCMO. Will do great even in brand new cars (if climate allows), but many would recommend to only use it in vehicles that require API SN or earlier API certifications. I would not use it in winter time though. Otherwise - great oil. Amalie makes good stuff for us budget-minded folks.

P.S. Amalie is sleeper oil. I like their Elixir Line-up. Ford Coyote crowd favors their 5W-50 option. They even have 25W-60 (perfect substitute for 0W-16 in a Toyota). Plenty of EURO offerings. See attached files for more info.


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HDEOs work well in passenger car engines and for marine use. With consideration to the starting temps and w viscosity for cold temperatures.
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There’s a lot of hdeo engine oils where I’m from that are just api c* certified but don’t carry an s* spec. Wouldn’t use those for gas engines I guess. If it carries a dual spec like that sn/ck4 use it without hesitation.