Thinking of switching to amsoil in 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Sep 25, 2018
Jensen Beach, Fl
@dallas69 I used to race a heavily molded Subaru on road coarse and rally on and off road, I also had high horsepower mustangs and civics and my tow and daily driver was a Dodge ram 2500 with a 5.9 cumming 24valve heavily modified. I tried all sorts of oils in them all from castrol, redline, royal purple, pennzoil, store brand, rotella, amsoil, and specialty expensive oils. I have always been a big fan of synthetic oils for anything. Everyone has their favorites and ones they dislike. I have had great luck with amsoil when it comes to wear on parts after racing and towing. That's after I pulled apart for maintenance or repairs. I have also had times with other oils even dino oil that were impressive but amsoil seemed to extend some life and doesn't need to be changed as frequently. It could be in my head but confidence is key. Sorry it is long winded but that's my reason. Only reason I asked opinions is that i have never switched a motor over to synthetic with this many miles.
Not open for further replies.