thinking of selling my escalade ext

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Dec 23, 2013
It's a toy for me. I don't need it as I have a beater for daily driving. The 6L engine is very thirsty drinking 16 ish MPG. I could use the money to pay off some debt and add to my savings acct. But its a cool truck, it's paid off, it's in excellent condition, and when I do drive it, I really really enjoy it. I'm not attached to it or any car, not that kind of person. I don't think I'll regret selling it, I guest I can always buy another one if I miss it that much, but they stop making them in 2013. Ur thoughts? Anyone regret selling there vehicle?
And you'd still have the vette? Dump the caddy.

Beaters are fun. I wouldn't want to not have one.

I can leave the keys in it for the heat to run when I go into a convenience store. Having something steal-worthy would take freedom away from me.
I regret selling only 1 vehicle, a 2007 Mini Cooper S. Like you're planning, I paid off some debt and added a little to my savings account.

If it is just a toy, I'd say get rid of it. Having a fat stack of cash is more fun than driving the Escalade infrequently, and like you said, you'll be able to find another one if you really want.

My problem has always been after I sell something, I end up re-appropriating the money for another toy rather than being responsible.
I don't think I've regretted getting rid of vehicles. I get rid of them for definate reasons. In this case I wonder if you would--if you got rid of this one now and went SUV shopping at a later date, would you be willing to take the gamble on a vehicle with little/no known history? What you have you know quite well.

I've toyed with selling my truck for the same reasons, get rid of both vehicle loans. But then I'd be w/o a truck and stuck with a beater as my only driver. And w/o something to pull my camper. So I'd wind up having to find a replacement, and buying a beater truck to travel long distances and/or having to take two vehicles to go on vacation... No go there. So since I suspect I would regret selling it, and since it seems I can "afford" it, it stays.

Still, in this case it would seem you have three vehicles, beater/daily driver, fast car, and a big SUV. If it was me, and it's not! I'd be tempted to sell the supercharged 'Vette, as I'd think that would cost more per mile than the SUV and might bring in more cash than the SUV sale. Might be vastly more fun to drive, but if I was concerned about money I'd ditch the things that cost me more yet have less utility.
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Do you use the pickup bed at all? You might miss that if you do. But a used $3000 2000ish 4.3L Silverado could serve the same function there and still free up $10K. A $3K Silverado won't depreciate much beyond that as long as you keep it in good shape. The Escalade's value is only going to drop.
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Definitely sell it and get that debt paid off!

Not only the cash from selling it, but also less insurance and no annual tag renewal fees.
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Not only the cash from selling it, but also less insurance and no annual tag renewal fees.

Yup, all cars are money pits with their on-going insurance expenses, registration, taxes, maintenance, and repair expenses. If you have extra vehicles you don't need, and need to pay off debt, it's a no-brainer. Get rid of the car!
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Definitely sell it and get that debt paid off!


How can you have debt if you are affluent and own a BMW, Cadillac and Corvette ???
Sell the Caddy, Vette, and the wifes BMW, borrow your daughters s-10 when you need a truck, buy your wife a clean 6 to 8 year old camry, accord, taurus, her'll be surprised how that savings will grow in short order.
If you are employed and out of debt you risk being investigated by the Senate Committee on Un-American Activities. You must understand that it's your responsibility to help support the economy. Living within your means shows complete disregard for all the money spent by corporations to guide you on your way through life. You do realize that you can not be happy unless you have lots of stuff and on top of that is must be the latest stuff. Not only must you keep that Chevy pickup with the Cadillac badges but you must drive it to show that you're a real American. A pickup is the perfect badge of rank.
I've regretted getting rid of my old Supra. But I've gotten rid of almost a dozen other vehicles and there was very little regret with most of them.
You can always get another Escalade. Might as well get some money out of it while it's still worth something, especially if you've got carrying costs associated with keeping it and don't drive it much anyway.
The only one I regret selling was my marina blue, 1966 Chevelle SS 396/360 H.P. 4 speed in 1970 for $1,500.
The car I've had so far that I regret selling is my 81 Omega, it was a hand me down and was trimmed out kind of nicely. If I had the garage space and time, it would've been a nice project to get a FI 2.8 in there and float around in it on the harvest yellow velour couch/bench seat.

So do you normally just drive the Vette? No hobbies that need the pickup semi regularly? I can't really imagine have a modded vette as a DD, but I guess socal is a bit different than here!
No question. Sell it now and capture the most $$ you can for its worth.

If you choose to sell it two years down the road it will be worth even less by age alone. If the economy takes a turn gas goes up etc...and there is a glut of SUVs trucks on the market it is even worth less.

Like you said, you aren't attached to it, it gulps gas and you can always get another if you wanted to....equals unload it.
From what I can tell, the Geo is for daily driving (mentioned as the beater for daily driving). I suspect the vette and Escalade are for weekend duty.
Escalade is up for sale.

The vette is paid off, and I dumped some money in it, so I won't sell it at this time. Perhaps in the future.

Wife's BMW, she bought in her own and is making the payments. I tried talking her out of buying it in the first place, but she has driven Hondas, fords, chevys all her life. She wanted a luxury type car. She deserves it so I'm cool with that.

Daughter traded me the s10 straight up for the beater, as she just got out of high school and so she has limited funds. She likes the low cost of ownership, $30 to fill the gas tank, etc. I fixed the dreaded manifold gasket leak and replaced the fuel pump on thes10. It's now running perfect. And it's been paid off.

So we only have one car payment in the household. If anyone is interested in the escalade, let me know
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Never any regrets selling. It takes me a while to warm up to replacements though.
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