Thinking of changing oils.

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Jun 23, 2003
I have a 2000 Dodge Durango that has approx 25k miles on the engine. The original engine blew at 19k miles, I tried telling them since I bought it that there was something wrong but they refused to listen. At just over 19k miles it went kablooey...long story short I got a brand new engine. So anyway. I've always been a Quaker State user, Dad was and I inherited the trait, but lately I've been doing some reading that QS may not be the same quality it once was. I'm most likely going to stick with a natural oil since my normal driving isn't in the severe category and I don't see the advantages of a synthetic because of that. After doing some reading here and there, a lot here since I just discovered this forum today, it seems that the best readily available natural oils are Chevron and Pennzoil. Chevron isn't easy to find here, went looking tonight on a scouting mission, so it looks like Pennzoil might be the way to go for me. Anyone have thoughts on that? I also have a 1988 Monte Carlo Super Sport with 40k miles on it, I bought it new and it's been babied it's whole life, and I was thinking of switching to another oil in it as well. The car doesn't get driven much, as you can tell from the mileage, but when it does get driven it gets DRIVEN. Any suggestions on an oil for that car as well? For filters I've been using Purolators and Wix since last year. Whichever I can find on sale I buy a ton of, only use those two brands though. A buddy has been trying to get me to switch to cheaper STP filters but until I gather some more data I'm just not sure about them. Thanks all!!!
I did not know what motor oil to use either until I found this site. I had tried different brands and both conventional and synthetic. You say that you want to stay with a conventional motor oil. Well, Chevron has looked good in UOAs that people had put on this web site. Some other conventional motor oils that have looked good are Pennzoil, Castrol GTX (apparently Castrol does not flow as good as Chevron in severe cold), Exxon SuperFlow, and Mobil Drive Clean. It does not seem like Quaker State conventional motor oil has been tested in UOAs by very many people here. I really like Chevron motor oil for a conventional motor oil. I know this is not scientific but whenever I changed oil with any motor oil (Pennzoil, Mobil 1, Chevron, Quaker State, Valvoline, whatever), my car really seemed to run extremely well for a while. But with Chevron, it seems to run like that for the entire oil change. Right now I am using Schaeffer's Oil (part synthetic). I have used Mobil 1 10W-30 in the past and I really liked it. Some people at this site have tried to improve motor oils by using a mix of Schaeffer's #132 and Lube Control.
Just one more thing. You mentioned about the Dodge Durrango. It has been alleged that the Durrango engine forms sludge easily. Whatever oil you decide to use, you might want to use Auto-RX or Lube Control to help keep the engine clean. It may not matter a lot what conventional oil you use, as long as the oil meets all requirments and is of the correct viscosity. However, if you check the UOAs at this web site, I think you will find that there are some motor oils that I personally would not trust beyond about 2000 miles, and there are other conventional oils that can probably hold up for at least 4000 miles. I think that it pays to go to the UOA section and do a search, and compare various motor oils. Personally myself, I can think of one brand that I will never use again.
What brand would that be? Also where do you get Auto-RX? I've seen several threads on here with positive reviews of it.
Actually, I don't want to mention the brand of oil. There is a synthetic oil that I would not buy either, based on UOAs that people have done on it. I would guess that most conventional oils are close to each other, with perhaps only a handful being below the norm and only a handful above the norm. Anyway, there is an Auto-RX web site. Just type in Auto-RX. I used Auto-RX on my Saturn. Auto-RX is strange in that the oil does not seem to get dirty, but if there is sludge in your engine it seems to collect in the oil filter. You have to use a new oil filter when you start the cleaning. The motor oil does not have to be fresh. Auto-RX seemed to stop a seal leak on my car.
Thanks for the info on Auto-Rx....going to have to find it. Just finished reading the info at ConsumerAffairs about Durango engines blowing up. Sounds exactly what happened to me. I tried telling thedealship that something was wrong with it two weeks after I bought it. Took it in several times to complain and they just kept repeating "we don't hear it" Finally crapped out on me and then the fight was on. My Durango set in their shop for a month while we fought over the replacement engine. They insisted that I had to take a rebuild...I told them no (&@#)(&#@ way would I allow that. Finally got my way after I called a friend at a local television station and she made a phone call to the owner inquiring about my situation.
About the Auto-RX. How often will I need to use it? Guess I should go look for their website huh? Thanks again.
shinerburke, I think you found the right web site for information about motor oils, oil filters, etc. I have never found a better site on the entire internet, myself. I kind of stumbled on this site by accident. There are some incredibly talented people at this web site. Some work for oil companies. Some are Amsoil or Schaeffer dealers. Heck, some are chemists. Before I found this site I relied on what I was able to find out from other people whom I thought I could trust, and on advertising. I used to use Pennzoil oil, and then I heard an incredible amount of negative stuff about Pennzoil (and Quaker State). I started using another brand. I realized after I discovered this site that I probably would have been better off staying with the Pennzoil. There is better information at this web ste. Probably the only good way to find out if an oil is any good, is to do VOA and UOA on the oil. If you rely on what people say, people say all kinds of stuff. If mechanics and other people are saying that an oil causes sludge, can you really rely on them? If the oil brand they mention is a popular one, of course they are going to see some sludged up engines where people were using that brand. A better question to ask would be to ask the people who came in with the sludged up engines, how often did you change the oil?
There is complete information at the Auto-RX web site on how to use the product. Auto-RX is probably the most commonly mentioned product that I hear mentioned at this web site. And the people at this site by and large really don't have a high opinion about oil additives and oil supplements. Pretty much the guys at this web site like to try to find the best motor oil they can, and they leave the oil supplements and engine treatments on the shelf. The only stuff they seem to like in an engine oil are Auto-RX, Neutra, Lube Control, and Schaeffer's #132.
Mystic good post about Pennzoil etc. I never used as it had a 'reputation' but now know a little better. Purebase SL has to be one of the best dino's period (I'm using it now) and I'm reading good things about 15W40 Long Life. We have a saying here in Australia "never let the facts get in the way of a good story". It is very true unfortunately!
Yes Mystic that was an excellent post!! That's why I like this site so much,people like him on the site honestly helping other people out with really good information [Coffee]
We have a saying here in Australia "never let the facts get in the way of a good story". It is very true unfortunately!
[LOL!] I heard a similar good saying at a well-known military school... "Never let progress stand in the way of tradition" [ June 25, 2003, 08:14 AM: Message edited by: Matt89 ]
Thanks for all the input....I can't tell you how happy I am to have run across this forum. I've learned more in one night about oil, filters, etc...than I ever thought possible. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on here. Looks like I will stick with dino juice but switch to Pennzoil from QS and continue my use of Wix and Purolator filters on the Durango. On my SS I think I'm going to switch to a synthetic, just haven't decided which one yet. As for the soon as next payday comes around I'm ordering some, probably the 3 pack, to use in both cars.
Hey another Boomer Sooner!!!! Look at the UOA. I recently posted one on 5W-20, which is getting recommended from factories more and more. It held up pretty good except it did get a little on the thin side with 3300 miles on it. As you know, QS and Pennz. are now owned by the same company. I really don't think there is that much of a difference in those two, and that is comparing UOA's. Both have good additive packages. Seems that Pennz. has a little bit better advertising campaing. I went back to Pennz. after that UOA, but to a 5W-30 instead of a 5W-20 and will take another analysis at 3300-ish.
sprintman and R B Shannon, thanks for the praise. I tried to give him the best advice that I could. People at this web site have given me very good advice. I hope that my posts at this web site are worthwhile. I personally think that some have been outstanding and others of my posts have probably been junk. Sorry in advance for any junk.
Shinerburke, that Pennzoil oil is probably about as good as any other conventional motor oil. Pennzoil has looked good in UOAs people have done here. And you said that you can find the Pennzoil but not the Chevron. I think you should do at least one cleaning with Auto-RX (12 oz.), and remember to use a fresh oil filter evenif the oil is not fresh. After that, you can use 3 oz. as a maintenance dose.
The Pennzoil is obviously a good oil.I however still am a Quaker State user and that's what I use in my Dodges.The Mopar engines are not prone to any sludging.There was a TSB for the 4.7 engine that some folks took as a sludge issue,but that's not the case.The Durango is a solid vehicle and will give you years of good service.I would however find another Dodge dealer.My opinion as a Mopar/ASE master technician.
I was a long time user when they started putting their oil in yellow plastic bottles. I wonder if I am still getting the same product? Actually, I hope not. The owners manual for my truck specifies SE. The last Pennzoil I carried home from Wal-Mart says API SL, new GF-3 formula. I don't work in the oil industry, but have seen enough other products where the identical product goes into boxes with different brands on them, that I really wonder if switching from green to yellow now means anything except the color of your trash can. Back in the 80's I used Quaker State for a while and ended up with a sludge problem, but that may have been more the 6 month oil change intervals I was using then. For now, I am sticking with the yellow bottles, but wonder what I am getting. I would like to find a brand that was loyal to me.
Hey Schmoe ! You make a good observation on QS / PENNZ being owned by Shell now; I'm wondering if they are pitting these two products against one another - the average consumer probably still is unaware that Shell owns both. Also, have they combined their formulations ? It would make economic sense for the mother company. I'm pretty sure Shell is Foreign owned; does anyone have specific numbers on what % is in fact foreign ? This company is growing very rapidly in the Midwest and changing the face of lube shops and quick-marts all over to Red / Yellow.
Shell is owned by Royal Dutch. They are one heck of a company. My Mom was in management at the Shell Credit Card Center here in Tulsa. She retired from Shell at age 49 with an amazing benefits package. They always treated their employees well. Now, how that relates to their plans for Pennzoil/Quaker State I have no idea. I did say in another thread, over in Interesting Articles, that I can't see Shell doing away with the Pennzoil or Quaker State names. Why? Because they are so well known and many people are loyal to those names. Replace them with a Shell named product and that doesn't necessarily mean those loyal customers will switch to the Shell brand. It would be more likely, in my mind, that they would switch to whatever the most well recognized oil name was, say Mobil for instance. The bottom line is that I think Pennzoil/Quaker State will be around for a long time. What will their formulas be like? Who knows..... [ June 26, 2003, 01:29 PM: Message edited by: shinerburke ]
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