thinking about going to quaker state from gtx

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Sep 30, 2011
Topsail Island NC
What do yall think ive always used Castrol, but am thinking about going to Quaker State. Ive read a lot of good on both but would one have a better add pack than the other or is all dino created equal. also i would rather support sopus than bp, thats why im thinking about changing.
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Go ahead. Quaker state is good stuff.
+1 +1 on supporting SOPUS too. If there is a Carquest in your area, they have QS conventional on sale for $2.79/quart through November. Good price on a great oil.
Regular price for QSGB at Walmart is $12.97 for 5 quarts. $2.59 a quart. Good conventional oil for a good price.
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