Things that sound terrible, but aren't

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
Our language is weird. Reading a recent thread, it struck me that someone into lubrication might take the following phrase the wrong way:

"4 ball wear test"

If the unassuming reader doesn't follow the context of the thread properly, the sysops will be receiving nastygrams in their inbox.

What other things sound bad, but aren't?

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"Rear end oil"


If your gay, you might want to try Amsoil's new EP 75w-90 REAR END oil.
"President Bush will have nine balls on inaguration day."

Maybe this could be moved to the humor section?
Coffee in cans - "ChockfullofNuts"

Gonads - no comment

Raw fish, Eating Bush, Wiesswurst, Blood Orange, Mud Pie, Lady Fingers, Babyback ribs

Rear end oil is terrible, isn't it? Maybe worse - NO rear end oil
a radio station down here had a greyhound named "nads"...the punters would urge him on by screaming "Go Nads".

Similarly there is a hair removal product sold allegedly for women with hairy eyebrows/top lip, and it's called "Nads".

Lastly, and back on topic, there's a poor girl in a neighbouring town...Ophelia ****. Her brother Sean isn't happy either.
Pablo, what's wrong with Weißwurst? The real one doesn't contain any filler, preservatives, or junk, and it it spoils within a day, so you have to consume it the day you bought it. It's nothing like many other sausages, which are often made with unmentionable body parts.
You can find your own at

For instance,

Jack Meoff
street address not available
Ojai, CA 93023-3406

**** Wanker
street address not available
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-1235

J*sus Chr*st
street address not available
Washington, DC 20002-6414

What is the White House zip code?

Pablo, what's wrong with Weißwurst?

Nothing - I LOVE them!! Look at the title of the thread.........

Yeah, Pablo, I obviously can't read.

But you're right, Weißwurst rhymes with Schei$$wurst, which certainly doesn't sound appetizing.

PS: A few odd names:

- Olga Onatop
- Mike Hunt
- Harry Crack
- Ophelia Teats
- Wayne Kerr
- Pat McRotch
Mori - is it ie or ei?

I think of ein. I tell you ever since I learned mandarin my German went to pot. Throw Portuguese in and I'm all messed up....

Back on topic:

Girls bike seats.
Almost every Bond film, and especially Austin Powers films, have odd names. Remember Powers villian Ivana Humpalot. She was probably kin to that fictitious Russian cosmonaut, Roger Kokhoff. We all remember the bond girl in "Goldfinger".

As far as bad sounding things, theres "chopped nuts", and an old country food known in my backwoods "head sausage". Cant think of anymore offhand.

Then theres an old world Alsation creation from the German communities west of San Antonio, without a bad name but questionable ingredients. Its "Paresa" (sp) which is raw hamburger meat with seasoning and spices, which you eat raw as a dip, or on bread. Interesting thread.
I knew a guy named **** Beard. When he retired from the government my dad inherited "The **** Mobile" It was a beige K-car wagon, that is one amazing perk for being promoted...

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