Thick 10-30 dinos?

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
What are the thickest 10w-30 Dino oils (not HM) available OTC?
Pennzoil? Castrol GTX? Motorcraft? Chevron?

Does anyone have any ideas/data/info/numbers on this?
I have the tech data sheets on all the oils you asked about except the Motorcraft. You can get them from their web sites (exception: Castrol, they emailed them to me, don't know why they are not available on their site).
But out of the ones you asked about Havoline/Chevron 10W30 was the thickest: cSt @ 40C 73.5, cSt @ 100C 10.8

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And we're pretty sure that Conoco Hydroclear is the same oil as Motorcraft

Why do you not want to try the High Mileage oils? These are the thickest OTC dino 10w30s out there, almost all of them are around 12cst at 100c.
Mystik 10/30 mineral is 12 cSt. They also make a synthetic blend that is 30% PAO and sells for about $2.25/quart.
Win, do you use Mystik? I always wondered if Mystik really was a special oil. My Dad (who was a good mechanic (and two professional mechanics told me that Mystik is really good. I am considering sending in a VOA on Mystik to see if it is really so good. Personally myself, even though some people have told me that Mystik is a special motor oil, I have used it only a few times.

Originally posted by Mystic:
Win, do you use Mystik?

I use it in one of my Jags, with good results. I will use more of it in the future but for now our area Wal-Marts have been closing out lots of oils at giveaway prices.

I have 30+ gallons of oil to go through ...

Originally posted by sbc350gearhead:
I have never heard of mystik. Where do you find it at?

Around here, the Mystik motor oils are only sold in Farm and Ranch stores. I've seen the 15/50 and 30 in some AutoZones in Oklahoma.

Most of the local parts houses carry Mystik greases.

The MSDS are on the Citgo website.
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