There is some Green GC At Autozone in MA

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Oct 6, 2003
Boston area,M02,thats green I believe. It is on the top shelf so I couldn`t check to see if they were all M02,all I could reach were. There is at least 12 quarts. Exact location given to the highest bidder [Big Grin]
Did you check if they're green? Some old, old M02s are the old formulation red label USA stuff..and no I'm not talking about the yellow labels. I got duped on 3 of 10 bottles two weeks ago, saw the M02 dates below but overlooked the origin from behind of these three(was in a hurry)...only when I got home it was the old USA stamped w/ the Starburst in front. [Roll Eyes] So I returned these the next day... Btw, the 7 left were the reel Greens(M02s, M03s, M04s). [Smile]
,all I could reach were.
That doesn't stop me. I just get a tool from the car wash rack with an extending handle or some other long object and just climb up there and rake those puppies down. At one AZ one of the employees got his ladder for me. Where there's a will there's a way when it comes to acquiring the GC Green. Happing hunting ... I mean stashing!
I raped and pillaged so much at the Lincoln St. and Park Ave. stores in Worcester, that I had piles of non-GC Syntec stacked all around me...they asked me if I'd like a shopping cart at both places...I kindly explained I was looking for something specific and I put it all back when I was done...the employees didn't seem to mind at all as long as I cleaned up after myself...
The Elves are proud of you for cleaning up. They want all the members of the village to be well thought of and to be welcome guests at the GC aisle of enchantment. [Cheers!]
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