The Woman and the Bus

A woman decides she will go into the city one day.To get there,she must ride the bus for 40 miles. The woman gets on the bus and finds a seat. After sitting with an elderly man for several minutes,the woman notices that the man begins to jerk and shake and wave his arm around. The woman,trying to be a good person,finally asks the man what is wrong.He replies,"I have shell shock from the war,I do this a lot." The woman,thinking to herself that she cant put up with such,decides to find another seat. She sets down by a yet another man albeit a younger one.This seems to be much better.After sitting for some time,the man begins to wave his arm and shake his head around. She once again asks what is wrong.The man answers and says,"I got the beat,I got the beat,I got the beat,beat,beat",while continuing to carry on with his shaking.The woman,not being able to take this,again decides to find another seat. This time,the woman finds a seat with a younger,nicely dressed female. She thinks that she has found a good seat this time and settles in to enjoy the rest of the ride. The woman dozes off only to be awakened by shaking and jerking from the female next to her. The woman,now very aggravated,asks if the female beside her is alright. The female replies that she is fine. After a few seconds the female begins to wave and sling her arm wildly once again. The woman asks her if she was in the war or if she had the beat as the others had. The female replied,"No,I have a booger on my finger and cant get it off."!