The tragic Apollo 1 fire was 55 years ago today


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Oct 10, 2010
Virginia Beach
While Phil Plaite is a “pop astronomer”* his rebuttal of the conspiracy theorist claims here is right on point.

*My college major was astrophysics. My roommate also majored in Astrophysics, got his PhD in Astrophysics from Harvard, and has been both a researcher and college professor for about 30 years. He’s dismissive of astronomers (like Phil Plaite and Neil deGrasse Tyson) who make their living in pop culture; selling books, appearing on Discovery Channel programs, etc. instead of doing “real astronomy” and advancing the field.

But, while I understand my friend’s perspective, Phil Plaite explains things well to the lay (non scientist) person which is why I chose his twenty year old rebuttal.

Uneducated people are willing to believe all sorts of things - they lack the perspective, fundamental knowledge, and the critical thinking skills to reject kooky ideas.